Washington Gov. Jay Inslee's Huge Sacrifice for Ukraine Should Inspire Us All

As I reported on Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Washington, D.C. and gave a speech before Congress. He gave a flag signed by Ukrainian soldiers to Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who held it up in the House chamber behind him as he spoke. In exchange, Pelosi gave Zelensky a folded American flag in a case.


Many were bothered by the imagery of a foreign flag hoisted in the chamber, not to mention the turning over of our flag folded like that to a foreign leader. On top of that, then Twitter suspended the accounts of many people for criticizing the exchange. Elon Musk said that was wrong and he got the people unsuspended. But it raised the specter that there is someone or something (some algorithm) still lingering at Twitter suppressing political speech it doesn’t like.

But Democrats are all seemingly for pouring out our tax dollars into Ukraine without end. I get the concept of wanting to help a country that’s been invaded by Russia, not to mention blunting Russia’s ambitions and the ambitions of China, who may be watching what’s going to inform them about whether they should make a move on Taiwan. What I find concerning is the manic/cultlike nature of all this (when they didn’t seem to give a darn about the original invasion in 2014), the refusal to put ourselves and our interests first, and any sense of accountability or end in sight. It’s why many think there has to be more to this when Democrats (and even a lot of Republicans) seem all in on this.

Take Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. Please.

His huge sacrifice on behalf of Ukraine should inspire us all.

Inslee was pushing the same cult mantra with the Zelensky visit. He explained why the lights were off on his Christmas tree.


“Our tree lights are out today to express our solidarity with the courageous people of Ukraine whose light inspires the world even though their electricity is out,” Inslee tweeted. “Congress should listen to Zelensky tonight with both ears.”

This is like posting the flag in your profile and thinking you’re doing something. What a sacrifice, how stunning and brave. But how do his lights being out help Ukraine in any way? And trust me, Jay Inslee’s lights have been out for a very long time. That’s why a beautiful state like Washington has tumbled into a morass of ineffectual Democratic leadership, with him in charge.

People let Inslee know what they thought about his empty virtue signaling. As some noted in response to Inslee’s post, many Americans can’t afford their electricity because of the high costs, due to Joe Biden and the Democrats’ crushing inflation and attacks on the energy industry. But Inslee and the other Democrats seem less concerned about that than about Ukraine. People also found it ironic that Inslee is so supportive of sending all kinds of weapons without end to Ukraine for their defense, but doesn’t support the right of Americans to defend themselves.


This Washington resident let Inslee know that perhaps there are a few things closer to home about which he should be concerned.

Maybe he should listen to his citizens with “both ears” and to their needs. He seems to have a problem doing that, and at least some of his citizens know it.


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