Elon Puts McConnell and Schumer on Blast over Omnibus Bill

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Elon Musk seems to not only have brought more common sense into social media on Twitter but he’s also driving the left mad by not being shy about expressing it.


He’s commenting not just on Twitter but on politics in general, including the humongous boondoggle Omnibus bill. He posted a poll asking people to vote on whether they supported the bill. It didn’t end well for the bill.

71.2 percent said no, and 28.8 percent said yes. Funny what polls show when they’re not being bombed by leftist bots. It’s fair to say that a Twitter poll isn’t scientific. But in this case, it’s likely a pretty good indication of what the public thinks of this bill and the way that the members of Congress have been approaching it, with 3,111,041 votes in the final results.

As Musk noted, any member of Congress approving of this couldn’t possibly have read it — it has over 4000 pages in it. Yet Democrats and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) were all on board.

Musk said he was in favor of a small bill just enough to make it through the holidays, but “railroading through a giant spending bill that almost no one has read is unlikely to be in the best interests of the people.”

“Guaranteed, not one person voting for it has read the whole thing,” Musk said. “If we added that basic requirement, legislation would improve dramatically in favor of the people.” But that would take too much common sense to read it before you vote on it rather than just waiting “to find out what’s in it.” But they’ve all been doing this for so long, they like to pretend that it’s normal and it doesn’t hurt us all when they do it.


Musk then put Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and McConnell on blast, saying that the public was overwhelmingly against it.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) said, “Preach.” Conservative activist Scott Presler suggested, “No Member of Congress should be able to vote on a bill without having read every word of the proposed legislation.” Former member of Congress Justin Amash said, “Hell no. Even setting aside the undoubted awfulness of the measures within the bill, how can Congress ethically approve something they absolutely will not have time to review? It’s a breach of fiduciary duty to the American people.”

The bill includes all kinds of leftist agenda items including “equity” and environmental items, and even $2 billion toward Jan. 6-related prosecutions.

What’s funny is the left wants to claim that his poll about stepping down is valid, but polls like this one aren’t, and this one should be ignored. The meltdowns are pretty funny and members of the liberal media are disturbed that Musk is even asking McConnell and Schumer to pay attention to the American people.


It may not be scientific, but it is feedback that such members of the media just want to reject. Funny how they only want to hear feedback with which they agree.


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