Adieu, Adam Kinzinger (With Bonus Farewell from Tucker)

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The time is swiftly coming when we must bid adieu to our friend, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL).

And I must admit, from his embarrassing “service” on the Jan. 6 Committee to his late-night Twitter rants, he has been an interesting character to watch disintegrate before our eyes, with his overinflated sense of his self-importance and a twisted view of reality.


As my colleague Terri Christoph observed, he gave his farewell “angry, sniveling, and self-congratulatory speech” in Congress on Thursday, attributing his lack of re-election to the brave stand for the truth that he made in his mind. The reality was that he was gerrymandered out of his district by the very Democrats he has thrown in with and empowered. He knew he was cooked so he didn’t run again. But the funny thing is that he truly thinks that he has some shot of greater national office/prominence coming after he is finished in Congress. He doesn’t realize that he was used by the Democrats to serve their purpose against President Donald Trump and once he’s no longer useful to them, they aren’t going to much care about him. He doesn’t realize he’s about to toddle off into obscurity, except for his spot as a commentator on CNN or MSNBC, which is pretty much the same thing.

That’s Kinzinger in a nutshell, spinning reality to fit his own distortions, even getting choked up in the process about his great bravery.

But I couldn’t let him go without remembering some of my favorite laughs that he’s given us. There are so many, it’s a tad hard to choose from amongst such bombasity. So I’ll highlight just a few memorable ones.


Who can ever forget him not only becoming a “fella” for Ukraine? Being a part of the NAFO is a bit like his role in Congress — it consisted of yelling at people on Twitter and promoting Ukraine. An odd and perhaps questionable position for a member of the American Congress. But the NAFO was supposed to counter Russian disinformation on social media, to help Ukraine. But in the process of promoting Ukraine’s effort, he promoted disinformation, including about the “Ghost of Kyiv,” as my colleague Streiff reported.

It’s a little scary that we had someone in Congress who is so deficient as to fall for such an obvious photoshopped hoax, especially because it was the well-known internet gag involving Sam Hyde. Not the sharpest tool in the draw.

Then, more recently, there were Kinzinger’s meltdowns over a cat and a frog. Kinzinger threatened an anonymous, but well-enjoyed account, @Catturd2, for posting a meme about Ukraine that he didn’t like.

That’s how unhinged he is, threatening a cat. It’s funny, but also concerning that you have a member of Congress making threats against a private citizen. That wasn’t the only private citizen he went after either, as my colleague Sister Toldjah has reported.


Tucker Carlson gave a brutal farewell to Kinzinger that just highlighted all those issues.

Tucker then went to town on the threat to Catturd. The picture with the cat and Adam just says it all.

So adieu, Adam Kinzinger, oh, brave soul. May you enjoy your obscurity, babbling about your bravery. You will likely be the only one listening.


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