Get the Hook: Biden Makes Weird, Insulting Comment in Front of African Leaders


Covering Joe Biden is often a challenging task. A lot of the time, you’re looking at things that are completely incoherent and you’re thinking, “What was he trying to say?” Other times, what he says is clear, but you think, “Oh, my God, did he just say that?!?” because it’s so horrible and/or just so ridiculous.


His latest comment probably hits both of those questions. We wrote about how he completely fell apart as he tried to fight the teleprompter at the U.S.-Africa Business Forum. Not to mention the billions he pledged to “invest” in Africa.

But he also made remarks at the U.S.-Africa Summit Leaders Session on Thursday. Turns out that was $55 billion to meet “Agenda 2063” — which is to promote “inclusive and sustainable development.”

As we noted, he’s paying South Africa $8 billion of our tax dollars to shut down coal plants and he’s giving $2 billion to Angola — as he encourages dumping reliable energy for something less so. That’s surely not going to backfire, as it has here, right?

This huge amount of money Biden is talking about committing comes after already dropping $100 billion on Ukraine. He’s just pouring our money out like an ATM to the rest of the world. You have to wonder what it’s doing to our economy and our massive debt.

But Joe Biden then made a comment that was either insulting Africa or the U.S. but definitely insulting the poor. I don’t know what he was trying to say here and I’m not sure he does either.


“As I told some of you who invited me to your countries, be careful what you wish for because I may show up,” Biden said. “The poor relatives always show up. The wealthy ones never do. The poor come and they eat your food, stay longer than they should.”

Biden is not poor or African (although given all the false claims he’s made in the past, we would never be surprised by anything he claims). And we are not poor as a country — although we may become poor, given how he’s hemorrhaging our tax dollars. But is he telling them we’re going to take their resources because if I were them, that’s kind of what it would sound like — if he’s the poor relative that comes, takes their food, and stays. So, if I were those African leaders, I’m not sure I would be encouraged by that comment.


Or is Biden trying to say the African leaders are the “poor relatives,” since they’re in D.C. looking to make deals? In which case, that’s pretty insulting to them, and maybe a bit racist. Given the racist comments he’s made in the past, I wouldn’t doubt that either. With Biden, you can never be truly sure what the heck he’s saying.

Either way, he for sure is putting down the poor, and he’s made a lot more of them in this country, with his bad policies. Although he doesn’t have any problem with people illegally flooding our border, many coming purely for economic reasons. That is just cool, to Joe Biden.


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