Cha-Ching: The Biden ATM Now Open, Dispensing Billions to Africa

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Joe Biden has been pouring a ton of money into Ukraine with seemingly no end in sight.

Here is one visualization of just how much that is from Will Geary who is a geospatial data scientist.


As Geary notes, the total amount being allocated/requested for Ukraine at this point is $100 billion.

I reported previously how Joe Biden fell apart during his remarks to African leaders at the U.S.-Africa Business Forum and had a massive fight that he lost with the teleprompter.

However, Biden also announced during his remarks a long list of money he was going to be pouring into Africa. This supercut from Tom Elliott at Grabien is just astounding as Biden acts like we’re just an ATM pouring out money.

That’s a ton of money, on top of all the money we are pouring out elsewhere, including to Ukraine. He says Congress is going to invest $350 billion (translate: spend). I think that’s a mistake based on the transcript, which corrects it to $350 million to “participate in the digital economy.” I’m not even sure $350 million makes sense, much less $350 billion. What does that even mean, “participate in the digital economy”? You’re going to pretend that people in Africa don’t know how to use the internet? But the fact that he says “billion” and doesn’t even understand that it’s a problem says a lot about Joe Biden, and quite frankly is rightly freaking out anyone who hears it. At one point he says “$4 trillion” but that’s after a cut and I think references the point in the speech where he’s talking about how much business the market in Africa will do, not how much we will spend.


The craziest part of it is that a lot of it is directed toward Biden and the Democrats’ green agenda in Africa, for example, $8 billion to replace coal plants in South Africa with green energy sources and $2 billion on solar energy in Angola. Those amounts were not corrected in the transcript, so those are what he’s throwing out there.

The problem is that just as we saw with his policies here, going down this road is going to create more issues for Africa, and then Biden will say we have to spend more money to help them out of the green nightmare that is to come.

Prepare for more Biden slush-fund-a-rama.

Now, there are national security reasons to up our game in Africa and increase our relationships there, because of China’s involvement in Africa. They’re already far along in influencing the region. That said, it doesn’t have to mean that you pour out endless sums of cash. That always seems to be the answer for Joe Biden. Does he know that he’s increasing our massive debt? In addition to the fact that he appears to simply be ignoring our own needs. It’s insane when he’s supposed to be representing and protecting this country, not everywhere else. Indeed, if he wanted to do in our country, what would he be doing differently? Virtually everything he does ends up being harmful.



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