Stunning New Report on Paul Pelosi Case Raised More Questions, but Then Got Pulled

One of the problems with the Paul Pelosi case has been media reports that keep constantly changing, such as the KTVU report that the attacker was in his underwear. Then KTVU pulled that report back but didn’t explain why they reported it, why they pulled it back, or what he was wearing if not his underwear. So far, the police have also not released video of the event, although they have said that Capitol Police video picked up what was going on at the house. But no one was monitoring it because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was in Washington, D.C.


When media should be asking questions and trying to clarify things for people, instead, the Washington Post is claiming that people asking for the video is somehow trying to extend conspiracy theories. So wanting to know the truth is now itself a “conspiracy.” Alrighty now, that makes sense. Not.

Add more confusion now to the mix with a stunning new NBC report. NBC reported that when Paul Pelosi went to the door to let the police into the house, after opening the door, Pelosi didn’t “declare an emergency” or try to leave but instead walked several feet back toward the suspect, David DePape, and away from the police. The report cited “sources familiar with the matter.”

The report said it wasn’t clear what Pelosi’s mental state was or if he had already been hurt.

But after that stunning report dropped and caused an understandable stir about why Pelosi would walk away from the police or not ask for immediate help, NBC pulled back the report saying, “The piece should not have aired because it did not meet NBC News reporting standards.”


So then why did you run it, to begin with? Now having two reports get pulled like this, we have to say, what’s going on here? Is this all just bad reporting? Or are people pulling things back because someone doesn’t like what’s being said? You wonder why people have questions? The problem isn’t with the people — the problem is with the way this story has rolled out.

The NY Post reported that according to the court documents filed in the case Pelosi greeted the police in the foyer, where both Pelosi and the suspect were standing.

An officer asked what was going on and DePape responded “everything’s good” before a flashlight revealed he was holding a hammer with one hand and Pelosi’s arm with the other. The account in the NBC report did not say whether DePape was holding Pelosi’s arm when cops arrived.

“Mr. Pelosi had his hand on the top of the handle near the hammer itself,” court documents said.

An officer yelled for DePape to drop the hammer and the madman replied, “Um nope” before he wrested the hammer free from Pelosi’s grip, stepped back, and lunged at the elderly man to strike him in the head, full-force, according to court papers.

It was only then that cops stormed into the house and tackled DePape, according to the allegations.


What’s going on here? How about the police resolve all the issues by releasing the body cam and other video? Oh, no, can’t ask that, wouldn’t want to “extend the conspiracy theories.”


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