NYT Descends Into Full-Blown Ignorance in AR-15 Story and Pic

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File

The New York Times has long behaved like a media arm of the Democratic Party. As I reported, when the Twitter files Elon Musk released started to drop, they scrupulously ignored reporting it. Because of course, it wasn’t going to look good for Democrats and the liberal powers that be.


Elon Musk called it, describing them as an “unregistered lobbying firm for far left politicians,” deploring how far they had fallen, to become “far left brainwashing”–and calling out their slogan of “all the news that’s fit to print,” that they no longer seem to care about.

It’s that liberal bent that sometimes seems to trump knowledge or facts at times. The employees are currently on strike. But given the frequently ridiculous stuff that they put out, they probably should stay there and learn to code.

Take this picture that they tweeted with a story they wrote bashing AR-15s, the left’s continuing “evil thing.”


“The AR-15 has become a talisman for some right-wing politicians and voters,” they claimed. “That’s a particularly disturbing trend at a time when violent political rhetoric and actual political violence in the United States are rising,” declared their editorial board.

The post is ignorant, as an attack not just on the AR-15 but the lack of evidence of violence from right-wing politicians or any connection to an AR-15. It’s just another leftist attack on guns, with a bonus hit job on people on the right. It’s just there to serve their anti-gun agenda.

The funny thing is the whole article is about the right supposedly making the AR-15 a “fetish” because some politicians posed with it. But it’s the anti-gun left that has made a “cult” around it, painting the gun as evil incarnate itself, thinking it’s a machine gun, when rifles are used in only a small percentage of killings and the AR-15 in a smaller proportion than that.

But another problem?

They’re writing nonsense about the AR-15 rifle, and they cap off how ignorant they are with a picture of shotgun shells. Don’t they have anyone in the editorial staff who knows anything at all about guns? There are doubtless all kinds of pictures of AR-15s out there that they could have used. That leads one to believe that they don’t have any idea of the difference or how dumb this would look. Who would believe anything they have to say, when they don’t seem to have that basic knowledge?


Maybe if you’re going to keep pushing this nonsense for your side, you’d have more credibility if your guy Joe Biden didn’t just let loose Viktor Bout, the “Merchant of Death” — one of the biggest arms dealers in the world?

Just a thought.


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