Reuters Shows How Hard up They Are in Hilarious Short-Lived Attempt to Ding Musk

(AP Photo/John Raoux, File)

Elon Musk buying Twitter has been great for transparency, not just for releasing the Twitter files and bringing more of a level playing field to speech on the site, but it flashed a big spotlight on the collusion between media and the Democrats, and the fury over having one guy throw a wrench into their control has been something to see.


I wrote earlier about their anger over Musk daring to fire James Baker after he allegedly vetted the Twitter files without Musk knowing. Some in the liberal media claimed that just reporting that was inciting harassment against Baker and other private citizens. That, of course, was laughably not even close to reality.

But Reuters took it to a humorous new level with the story that they ran on Wednesday which they posted on Twitter at 10:14 a.m. They claimed that Musk had lost his title as the “world’s richest person” after his “expensive bets” to buy Twitter and sell Tesla stocks to fund the $44 billion Twitter deal.

They were desperate to say, “Tut, tut, look, the bad man failed in his ‘expensive bet.'” The first tweet was celebrated by some on the left.


Except there was a small problem with this story. At 10:39 a.m., 25 minutes later, they posted another tweet, noting he was “back” at number one. That must have been a rough 25 minutes for Elon. He still has over $185 billion, so I’m thinking he’s not too worried.

If you notice too, Arnault who is the Chairman and CEO of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, in second as “richest person” is a bit of a misnomer as well, because they add his family in there as well. How is that the “richest person”? That doesn’t seem like a fair assessment when you’re counting the wealth of others.

But it’s hilarious that the media is so desperate to try to pull out anything negative they can on Musk and that they had to correct themselves so quickly. It’s so ridiculous. Such numbers are going up and down all the time, mostly because of stock fluctuation and I’m willing to bet that Musk doesn’t give much of a fig about the title. It’s the media that cares and can’t hide their bias against him. They thought they had a karmic “gotcha” moment, but their cheering was short-lived. And they wonder why we no longer trust the media.


They tried, so hard. And, it’s gone.


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