Leftist Orgs Move Against Musk After Trump Reinstatement, and Elon Has Thoughts

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Elon Musk reinstated President Donald Trump’s Twitter account on Saturday night and as I wrote, that caused an immediate meltdown from folks on the left — from people saying they were now leaving because they couldn’t take Trump having a voice on the site to people saying the world was ending. As we noted, it was also just in time for Joe Biden’s 80th birthday on Sunday.


Now, it remains to be seen if Trump will even come back to the site. He has previously said he would not because he’s busy with Truth Social. My colleague Duke is encouraging him to come back. But whether Trump does or not, Musk’s decision was the right decision, if you believe in free speech.

However, now, leftist organizations are weighing in. The next step is they are going to try to crush Twitter and get advertisers to pull out.

Here’s a statement from the NAACP:

Again, for the folks over at the NAACP: Trump called on people to act peacefully, and the only person killed was killed by a Capitol Police officer.

I love the “God help us all” part at the end. Translation: Democratic polls are against democracy! How dare you allow him back if more people want him back? But as I said, I suspect he was letting him back anyway based on free speech, which isn’t up for a popularity contest.

Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League made what sounded like a threat against Twitter over the reinstatement.


“Civil society” = what folks on the left want. So the 74 million people who voted for Trump and might want to hear from him are outside of “civil society.”

But Musk being supportive of free speech is a “threat to democracy,” according to Greenblatt. So now, not only is Trump somehow a “threat to democracy,” Musk running Twitter is, and he’s asking if it’s time for Twitter to “go.”

Translation: It’s a threat to democracy to have people vote to have views other than the liberal narrative. That seems a very anti-democratic interpretation of “democracy.” If you truly believe in free speech, you wouldn’t want to silence voices, you would believe that your voice will rise above the din. And you surely wouldn’t call to shut down such an important site for public comment, all over the world. If you want to shut down others, it’s a sign that you don’t believe you are right/that you know that your liberal cause is flawed.


Musk fired back, both not wilting and with a little bit of a troll.

Musk acknowledged he knew all the threats were coming. We’ve already reported on the threats from Democratic politicians.

This was one of the reasons that Musk came up with the $8 for Twitter Blue in place — he already saw the left would be pushing advertisers and that would mean that you could not truly have speech that wasn’t dictated by what the advertisers would allow. That kind of thing is what will ultimately be able to make the site free. That’s what the left is truly worried about.

People let the ADL CEO have it.




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