'The View' Host Raises a Question About Election That Has Everyone Talking

The hosts on “The View” sometimes seem to have a unique corner on the market for saying ridiculous things.

One host who is often over the edge is Sunny Hostin. I wrote last week about how she disparaged white suburban women after a poll indicated that there was a massive shift underway away from the Democrats and toward the Republicans in this race.


She said, “I read a poll just yesterday that white Republican suburban women are now going to vote Republican. It’s almost like roaches voting for Raid.” Not exactly the way to convince people to vote for your side when you’re calling them roaches. But such a shift portends doom for the Democrats, as I wrote, and that’s what was upsetting Hostin.

That had a lot of people talking about how clueless Hostin was with such a take. Why are voters — including those women — fleeing the Democrats? Because the Democrats have failed them and all of us with the policies that have harmed so many people and have brought us inflation, crime, and radical leftist extremism. Democrats aren’t focused on those big issues affecting people — all they’ve cared about is demonizing their opponents. Hostin doesn’t want to acknowledge that.

But on Election Day, Hostin created another stir with what she said about “voting for” her son.


“It’s my son. Who by the way, wanted to make sure that his absentee ballot was a — that I did that. I had trouble actually voting for him, absentee ballot today, and that made me very concerned,” Hostin said. “I was told to put it in an orange bag on the floor. And the orange bag looked to me like a Target bag or something. And I said, ‘Isn’t there a formal election box that says ‘Absentee ballots’ or something like that?’ And then she said, ‘Let me check’ and then found it. So that concerned me.”

That raised a lot of questions for people when she said “I did that” and that she had trouble “voting for him.” What was she admitting here? You can see her not filling in all the blanks there and sort of modifying what she intended to say.

Now while in New York you can designate someone to pick up or drop off your absentee ballot, but you still have to fill it out, she can’t fill it out for her son. He has to do that.

Hostin is trying to raise a question about the bag, she should be more worried if the answers to those questions are the wrong ones. Notice none of her co-hosts seem to see a problem with what she just said to them.


But then let’s deal with the other question in that clip. She’s trying to raise a question about the ballot going into a bag. I’m confused. So now it’s okay to raise questions and doubts about voting if Hostin/Democrats raise them? That’s what it sounds like here. Is Hostin spewing election questioning/denialism now? So it’s cool to ask questions about a bag but not about why machines seem to not work or why Democrats seem to be prepping us for days of counting up votes?

I guess all this is alright if you have a “D” after your name.


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