As the First National Election Since 2020 Gets Underway, Election Machine Failures Are Reported In Multiple States

Just two years after an election where allegations of fraud still color our national politics, reports of failures of election machines are coming in from across the country.


RedState has already reported on the massive failure in Maricopa County, AZ. Here are some others being reported (hat tip to Emerald Robinson’s substack).

New Jersey


These are the major breakdowns, but there are numerous failures in several states as this is written.

In the major first election after one marred by fraud and allegations of fraud, one would have thought that major election sites would have put in some effort over the last two years to ensure that they don’t look like they are abetting fraud. Particularly places like Harris County, TX (Houston) and Maricopa County, AZ (Phoenix), which have something of a deserved reputation for shenanigans. To be sure, we are much more aware of this nonsense today than just two years ago, but it still doesn’t fill one with confidence when locations that figured prominently in the 2020 fiasco suddenly find reappear again for the same reason.


To be clear, my purpose is not to allege that misconduct or fraud is about to occur but just to point out that some of the usual suspects are already laying the groundwork for those allegations.

It remains a mystery why we can’t carry out elections with minimal incompetence and with a transparency that gives voters confidence that their vote was counted in an accurate and timely manner and produced an honest result.



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