Paging PA Voters: Biden Brags About Ending Industry Critical for Your State

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It’s been a rough few weeks on the campaign trail for Joe Biden. Not too many Democrats are interested in him coming to support them. Those that have been are in deep trouble in their races, like John Fetterman, Charlie Crist, and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul.


At this point, Biden seems totally spent. I’m not even sure why they even have him out for anyone anymore — the speeches he gives don’t give much more than a couple of sentence nod to the candidates he’s supposed to be talking about, it’s mostly just a rehash of the same old speech full of lies that he’s been telling in each place.

However, Biden had some things that would make you sit up and say, “What the heck,” mixed in amongst the regular delusion and lies on Friday.

Biden has told stories of his many made-up experiences, it’s hard to keep up with them all. He seemed to exaggerate another one during his remarks on the Chips and Science Act at the Viasat Corporate Headquarters in Carlsbad, California. He talked about his helicopter “went down.” Such a description generally means the helicopter crashed.

Of course, that isn’t what happened. It had to land because of heavy snow. The military had to come and recover them, but the helicopter didn’t crash.


Biden then forgot the place that he’d just visited in New York. He doesn’t seem to be able to retain things like that in his head.

Then came one of those “What the heck” ones. He referred to the day’s jobs numbers as a “Goldilocks report” — meaning not too high, not too low. He seemed to confuse the story with that of Red Riding Hood and said, “I have my shotgun waiting for the wolf.”

I’m not even sure I want to know what he was thinking of there or who he was thinking of shooting. At least he didn’t talk about deer being in Kevlar vests again.

Biden then confused the GM CEO Mary Barra with Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.


He also said that GM was committed to going “all-electric” by 3035 — in more than a thousand years. Alrighty, now. He meant 2035, in 13 years, but I’m willing to bet that isn’t happening either. I’m not sure Biden knew the difference, given the other day he didn’t even know in what century he was.

Is there any wonder that so many Democrats don’t want him campaigning for them? He’d confuse all their names — a big buzzkill when he’s supposed to be promoting them.

But then came that revealing moment where Biden said what he probably wasn’t supposed to say, at least not a few days before the election when so many people are being crushed by the economy. He claimed that no one was building new coal plants “because they can’t rely on it.” Then Biden bragged about closing coal plants all across the country.


So he’s celebrating kicking people out of their jobs? And isn’t this the guy who lied and said he wasn’t doing anything to attack/restrict the energy industry? Shutting down coal plants sounds like a pretty big thing to attack the industry. Coal is very reliable, far more than wind or solar. But the reason it might not be something that can be relied on in the future is because of this effort by Biden and the left against it.

So folks in Pennsylvania where you have critical Senate and gubernatorial races — are you hearing that? Democrats want to cut off this industry that is vital to your state — this is what voting for them will get you, on top of all the other horrible things we’ve already been hit with under Biden. Something tells me this isn’t going to go over well in coal states.


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