Tucker's Terrific Take on Biden's Speech and the Destruction Dems Have Wrought

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As we reported, Joe Biden gave a primetime speech last night to the nation. It was his last chance to convince people of what he or the Democrats had done to earn anyone’s vote before the midterm. It was his chance to talk about how he was going to bring down inflation and crime, the two top concerns of the American people.


Instead, Biden used the moment to try to tell people that they should vote for Democrats because of the “threat to democracy” – that “democracy was on the ballot.” So if you thought the top issues wed inflation or crime, sorry, as Hillary Clinton says, you are just too stupid to understand.

Biden attacked questioning the 2020 election and claimed there were more than 300 “election deniers” running. But then in the same speech, he cast doubt on the coming election himself, claiming that “extreme MAGA Republicans” were trying to “suppress the right of voters and subvert the electoral system itself.”

He then claimed it might take “days” to count the votes — that itself caused many people to wonder if we were being prepped for some questionable things to come.


No, previously we knew the night of or at least the next day unless the race was close or there was some other unusual problem. Taking days isn’t the way things are “supposed to work.”

Tucker Carlson did a terrific take on what this speech was all about. The Democrats know they’re about to suffer a “humiliating repudiation” next week in the elections, and that they’re about to lose the House and the Senate. They’re about to go down to defeat even in places where Biden won by a large margin. They may even lose the NY governor’s race. A “realignment” is coming because Democrats “have failed, conclusively.”

“No group in American history has done a worse job running this country than the neo-liberals currently in charge,” Tucker declared. “They’re vicious, they’re intolerant, and they’re utterly corrupt. But above all, they are incompetent. In less than two years…they have run this country into the ground, wrecking our economy, desecrating our military, and opening the borders of the United States to more than five million lawbreakers. The destruction they have wrought is so profound, it’s hard to describe. So of course there will be consequences for that. In a country with democratic elections, how could this party stay in power?”


That’s the bottom line, that’s what they’re afraid of — they know that they’re going to be tossed out and they’re trying to say anything they can to avert it, whether it’s based in reality or not.

Tucker noted how the place that Joe Biden chose for his speech was emblematic of that failure — Union Station — once known for its beauty, now a homeless encampment, too filthy and “too dangerous for Starbucks.” As we reported, they tried to clean up the location by getting rid of the homeless right before, to hide the reality of the situation. Tucker also noted how Biden wants to dictate to us, “The guy who showered with his daughter is telling you you’re a bad person.” Oh, my.

Carlson noted how odd it was that Biden was now demanding that no one complains about the election results, even though because of a lot of Democratic changes, we may not know the results for a few days, “But don’t be alarmed…And do not ask questions! Or else you’re a criminal!” Instead of making a pitch about what Biden had done to earn your vote, he commanded you to accept the results. “It was bizarre,” Carlson said. “And it did not inspire confidence.”

The bottom line is they have nothing they can put out there after having failed so badly. So they’re trying to deflect and cast doubt on the wave that is about to hit. It is also concerning that Biden seems to be prepping us for questions coming about races and races taking days. Instead of assuring people, with his own words, he created more concern about the election. How will the left accept being defeated so soundly? Given all that we have seen so far, they’re not going to accept it easily.



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