Joe Biden Smashes the Homeless to Give Unscheduled 'Threat to Democracy' Speech at Union Station

Joe Biden is about to give another “red speech” on Wednesday evening. The unscheduled event will take place at Union Station, just across the street from the Capitol Grounds. Naturally, and predictably, the content will center on supposed “threats” to “democracy,” which is the only drum Democrats have left to beat prior to next week’s mid-terms.


Biden will reportedly address “election deniers and those who seek to undermine faith in voting and democracy.”

You may remember the first speech of this type that he gave in Philadelphia back in September. The president was drenched in ominous red lighting while US Marines flanked him. He then proceeded to fumble through one of the most dangerous, grotesque commentaries to ever be given behind the presidential seal.  Biden trashed his political opponents as extremists that “threaten the very foundation of the republic,” focusing on what he called “MAGA Republicans,” which he later defined as anyone who is pro-life.

That’s, by all signs, what we will get again on Wednesday evening at Union Station. It’ll be another disgusting misuse of Biden’s office, giving a partisan speech just before an election under the guise of “protecting democracy.” I’d say he’s going to cross lines, but he’s already crossed those lines long ago. It’s just a matter of waiting out his awful presidency or until he resigns due to his accelerating mental decline.


I do love the fact that he’s going to call out those who “undermine faith in voting.” You know, just like Democrats are doing by claiming voter suppression in Georgia despite record turnout happening there. Or like Democrats are doing in Pennsylvanian because the leftwing Supreme Court there told them they couldn’t ignore the law to count invalid ballots. Biden is nothing if he isn’t a massive hypocrite.

You can bet the president will cite the Paul Pelosi attack as some kind of proof-text for his claims as well. Never mind that the guy responsible was living in a far-left hippie commune and apparently only got into right-wing conspiracy theories after having a drug-induced psychotic break. What you won’t hear Biden mention is the attempted assassination of Brett Kavanaugh, nor the violent assault of Lee Zeldin because those don’t fit the narrative.

Everyone sees through this farce. Biden is a desperate, senile man who knows his party is about to get its clock cleaned. Whatever speech he ends up giving won’t move the needle for anyone. All it will be is fodder for people like me to point and laugh, and believe me, we’ll be doing that later tonight.

With that said, the story of this event gets better. Apparently, the authorities cleared all the homeless out of Union State in preparation.


There had been a tent city set up outside the historic landmark that officials had steadfastly refused to remove, part of the soaring crime rate in Washington, DC, in recent years. But the moment Biden wants to make a speech, the clean-up crews arrive. If that’s not a perfect contrast between Democrat elitism vs. what they demand normal people live with, I don’t know what is. That it’s coming on the eve of a major election is icing on the cake.


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