CBS News' Definition of 'Election Denier' Reveals Just How in the Tank They Are for Dems

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All signs are that Democrats are going to be handed a historic loss next Tuesday in both the House and the Senate. I say that, but of course, don’t assume. Get out there, vote if you haven’t already, and make sure that wave happens.


Democrats are throwing all kinds of things against the wall, at this point, to stop that wave from hitting, with Biden highlighting the talking points in a speech on Wednesday night. I don’t know who decided the last push should be all focused on Jan. 6, election deniers, and “threats to democracy,” when voters have made very clear what their concern is — the economy. But why stop the Democrats as they continue to colossally misjudge Americans? In 2016, Hillary Clinton left out visiting Wisconsin. Now, the Democrats are leaving out all of the voters–except their most rabid base.

However, if you were ever unsure about how much media carries water for the Democrats and their talking points, let’s look no further than a new CBS News “report.” Joe Biden spoke about “more than 300 election deniers.” CBS News reporter Scott MacFarlane claims there were 308 GOP “election deniers.” The focus of the report is exclusively on Republicans, of course. MacFarlane has provided a handy guide to what qualifies one as an “election denier.”


Notice you can be an “election denier” simply for “questioning” Joe Biden’s election. Funny how convenient that is, since you’re apparently not a denier if you questioned the elections of President Donald Trump, George W. Bush, or Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. If you called Trump illegitimate –as Joe Biden has done — it’s completely cool.

CBS News and MacFarlane also skipped over some of those other qualifiers rather quickly, so let’s take a closer look at what they are claiming equals “denial.”

It includes not just questioning, but also if you objected to the 2020 Electoral College count on Jan. 6 or supported an audit of the 2020 election.

Are they kidding? So supporting an audit — something many have done since time in memorium during elections — is “denial”? And utilizing your constitutional right to object to the count — yes, it’s built into the constitutional process — is now “denial” as well. Of course only for 2020. If you objected over the last two decades, as the Democrats have done, that’s completely fine.


You can even hear some of the Democrats who objected in 2017 pushing conspiracy claims about the Russians there. Objectors included Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MI) (to George W. Bush) and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) (to Trump). But Democratic objections weren’t only over President Donald Trump’s election — they’ve been objecting for years, including for every Republican president in the last two decades, since at least the election of George W. Bush. How many Democrats questioned that election as well, claiming Bush had been installed by the Supreme Court?

How do they think anyone can take them seriously with this nonsense? Or do they just think they can bamboozle people? They even claimed “our very democracy is at stake” — fully taking up the Biden talking points against Republicans.

But beyond the issues that are dominating the headlines – the economy, crime, and abortion rights – some expressed another concern to CBS News chief election & campaign correspondent Robert Costa.

“Our very democracy is at stake in this election. and soon it could be taken from us,” said Kevin Naff. “And that’s what this election, I think, is about. Because when these election deniers come into office as secretaries of state and in roles where they control the process, and somebody wins an election that they don’t like, they’ll overturn it. And will we care then? It’ll be too late.”


This is an in-kind contribution to the Democratic party, not news, and Republicans should pursue action regarding it.

But again, the funny thing about this–it’s so obvious and so stupid. It just shows how in the pocket of the Democrats the media is, and it’s likely to drive even more people to Republicans. But then, what will happen when the Democrats lose badly? Watch for some to turn on a dime–suddenly, claiming “interference,” “suppression” and “illegitimate” will be fine again.


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