Police Clarify Questions in Pelosi Attack, as NBC Makes Absurd Link to Jan. 6

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There’s a ton of information flying around about the attack on Paul Pelosi. A small fraction of it has been reported by the police, a lot is being pushed by media from “sources.” Some of it is being pushed with an agenda, masquerading as news.


Take this ridiculous headline from NBC that is being reflected by other media as well.

The headline is bad, but frankly, the whole article reads like opinion masquerading as news, the purpose being to attack Republicans who had nothing to do with what David DePape did.

Here’s part of it:

For years, Republicans have tried to make Pelosi a campaign boogeyman, using the 82-year-old’s image as a recurring caricature in countless ads against Democrats, including many now airing in races nationwide during a hostile election season.

The head of the Republican National Committee, Ronna McDaniel, said Sunday it was “unfair” to blame the GOP for creating a political climate that could have laid the ground for such an attack.

“You can’t say people saying, ‘Let’s fire Pelosi’ or ‘Let’s take back the House” is saying go do violence,” she told “Fox News Sunday.”

The House GOP’s campaign chief, Minnesota Rep. Tom Emmer, was asked during a Sunday interview about a tweet promoting his video, which shows him shooting a gun at an indoor target.

“Enjoyed exercising my Second Amendment rights,” Emmer tweeted, mentioning he was with two House GOP candidates. The video includes the imagery and sounds of the rifle being fired. The tweet was posted Wednesday, before Paul Pelosi was assaulted, and said: “13 days to make history. Let’s #FirePelosi.”


That was a shameful take that the Face the Nation host took with Tom Emmer, as we reported, trying to somehow link saying “Fire Pelosi” is somehow questionable. They want to try to demonize now normal political discourse — as long as it is critical of the Democrats.

The problem is the crime, not the criticism of Democratic actions. Democrats and their friends in the media want to wrap all those things together to save themselves in the election, shut down speech and stop criticism.

But back to the zip ties.

Another NBC piece said police confirmed that. The police have said nothing about motivation. But it’s ridiculous to try to link it to Jan. 6 because of the zip ties.

Does NBC know how many people have zip ties in their tool drawers for perfectly normal things, like garbage for example? Do they think they have any credibility when they somehow make that native to Jan. 6? We would note in an infamous pic about the guy with the zip ties on Jan. 6, that turns out that he found them inside the building and hadn’t brought them to the Capitol. There was however testimony about another guy that appears to have had plastic cuffs on that day. But so did the guy who went after Justice Brett Kavanaugh, along with a lot of other things including a Glock. Where is the comparison to that guy by NBC?


What the police also said on Sunday was that there was no unknown third person who opened the door for them, which had previously been reported by Politico. Police also said that Pelosi did not know his assailant, despite the audio conversation in which the dispatcher reported that Pelosi had said DePape was a friend.

There will likely be more clarifications coming and a lot of things will be cleared up, if and when they get around to releasing the video on the matter.


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