SNL: The Terror of Joe Biden Running Again... and What Would Be Worse

Chloe Fineman in a "Saturday Night Live" skit about the terror of Joe Biden running again. Credit: Saturday Night Live/NBC

Saturday Night Live was a great show for years — until it lost a lot of the folks who were making people laugh and headed off in a woke direction.

In a time when there’s a boatload of funny things that the current cast could say about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, they’ve largely avoided it. And largely avoided being funny, in the bargain.


Even in the show last night, it was largely a mess. This week, you had a ton of interesting things happening, starting with John Fetterman imploding in Pennsylvania. You also had Joe Biden talking about racist airline seats, as well as saying there were 54 states and almost jumping offstage, with Kamala freaking out. Instead, they choose to try to skewer Dr. Mehmet Oz, Kari Lake, and Herschel Walker for having no political experience, in their cold opening.

But they did do one funny skit about the scary possibility of Joe Biden running again, that had a lot of people laughing. It shows they can be funny if they let off the woke leashes– even a little bit.

“You trusted him once,” the narrator says. “Can you trust him again?”

“He’s a little old, but he can still win. Right?” asks a nervous Mikey Day. “He beat Trump.”

“But can he beat DeSantis?!” screeches a terrified Fineman.

“I DON’T KNOW!!!!”

The terror is great, particularly the palpable fear of Gov. Ron DeSantis. The “calculator” bit for adding up two years is hilarious. They do try to do a little cover, so as to suggest things weren’t as bad as they might seem, claiming he’d done so much and talking about “falling off his bike once.” It is mainly supposed to be a take on terrified liberals.


But then they have to address the real terror–if Biden doesn’t run again. Because as bad as Joe Biden is (that’s the worst person in the office ever, hands down), the Democratic bench is full of gibbering idiots as well. So, they might not have cognitive issues, but their policies are similarly delusional. SNL did a great job on that.

“Kamala?” <smack!> “Wake up!”

“There’s gotta be someone!”

“Mayor Pete?”

“Listen to yourself!”

The Beto and Bernie bit was terrific, with the dripping blood. But the Hillary bit was priceless. Truly, when you run through that list, you end up with people who might not be any better than the worst guy ever, and doesn’t that say everything about how empty the Democrats’ options are at this point?


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