Jake Tapper Spreads a Bunch of Nonsense About Kari Lake

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CNN’s CEO Chris Licht has reportedly been trying to remake the network back into the news organization it used to be rather than the Democratic partisan organization that it became under Jeff Zucker. In the process, he’s been giving the boot to a lot of the biased old guard, including Jeff Zucker, Brian Stelter, and John Harwood. Don Lemon has also been demoted to the morning. The latest scoop on who might next get the boot was that it is going to be Jim Acosta, although the network has not confirmed that yet.


But given what Jake Tapper just did, maybe he should get moved up on the list if they’re truly trying to get back to objectivity and eliminate all the deadwood.

When Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake was on CNN with Dana Bash, she was asked if she would accept the results of her election in November. Her response was to lay out a lot of the issues of her opponent Katie Hobbs. She just decimates Hobbs and says, “I’m going to win the election, and I will accept that result.”

Lake doesn’t say that she won’t accept the election results if she lost, she says she isn’t going to lose because of all the issues with her opponent.

But here’s what Jake Tapper said about that exchange.

Tapper claimed, “Gubernatorial nominee pledging to only accept election results if she wins.”

However, that isn’t what she said, and if you’re supposed to be an objective reporter, you’re supposed to be reporting only the facts. But if you’re not then you end up being like Tapper. This is also part of the problem at CNN, not just bias, but lack of journalistic accuracy. He adds things that she never said. If he wanted to say she didn’t settle the issue of whether she would accept if she lost, that might be accurate. But instead, he just makes things up. Then that gets spread by folks on the left, and yet more fake news gets out there.


Tapper has said in the past that he wouldn’t book “election deniers,” although he has interviewed Stacey Abrams multiple times since her 2018 loss in Georgia, and multiple times since he made his comment about election deniers.

Apparently “election denial” only matters when some do it. Airing this nonsense was just cool then.

Paging Chris Licht: Here’s your next candidate for the boot, if you truly want to get back to being a news organization.


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