Desperate Dems Pull out Obama Card in GA, but He Accidentally Does Them in With Remarks

(AP Photo/John Bazemore)

We know Democrats are truly worried about how they are doing in the Georgia Senate race. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was caught on a hot mic saying that they were going “downhill” there, and he couldn’t understand how people could be going for Herschel Walker. Maybe because he’s promoting sane policies and will help the Republicans win the Senate to bring those sane policies there?


We also saw the polls confirmed why Schumer and other Democrats are so worried about Georgia. The latest Rasmussen poll has Walker up by five points in the race. Daily Wire/Trafalgar also has Walker up by 2 points and the co-efficient group poll has Walker up by 3 points–with a D+2 sample (so, it’s probably higher). If Walker takes it in one of the most competitive races, we know that we are on the crest of that wave.

Just how desperate are the Democrats to pull out a win in Georgia? They’re playing the Barack Obama card.

Now, Obama says a lot of things and he certainly likes to hear himself talk. But when you think about what he says, it’s pretty empty. Listen as he tries to ding Herschel Walker in this clip, by saying he doesn’t have the experience to “fly the plane.”

“Some of you may not remember, but Herschel Walker was a heck of a football player,” Obama says. “Does that make him the best person to represent you?… let’s say you’re at the airport & you see Walker & you say, ‘Hey, there’s Herschel, Heisman winner. Let’s have him fly the plane!'”


I checked the leftist reaction on social media, and they were all just agog over that. They didn’t care that it said nothing. Who has the experience of being a senator before they become a senator? Raphael Warnock didn’t have any political experience before he was elected either. And it shows, with the horrible positions he’s taken. Barack Obama had very little political experience before he became president, and it showed. President Donald Trump had no political experience, yet he had great policies and a will to get things done for those policies–unlike some lifetime politicians. Joe Biden has decades of experience and is an unholy mess.

If Obama is trying to bang on Walker, has Obama looked at his guy, Biden? Or who the Democrats put forward in Pennsylvania, John Fetterman? Herschel Walker is, no doubt, a flawed human being, but he also isn’t evicting poor people and lying about it. He’s on the right side of the issues on policy. That’s where you need to be to “fly the plane.” Otherwise, you get people like Biden, who are completely in the thrall of the left, pushing things that are harmful to the country.

Obama asked which party the crowd thought would keep them safe, which is also pretty hilarious, since all the polls show that voters do not trust Democrats on crime; they are losing a lot on that issue, in addition to on the economy. That would make people run from the Democrats, not vote for them.

This clip was also pretty funny given that Obama was in Georgia not only to pimp for Warnock, but for Stacey Abrams as well.


Obama is promoting someone who claims her 2018 election wasn’t fair/was rigged. His Democrats have promoted the fiction that the 2016 election was somehow rigged by the Russians, in part because of the false information pushed by the Clinton team to Obama’s FBI. All kinds of Democrats have promoted “election denial.” So really, they have no platform on which to stand on this; when he says things like this, the people in Georgia would immediately think of Abrams’ denial. So, bad move there.

Obama may have fired up some leftists, but he’s not moving any needles when it comes to the critical votes in the middle. Those are moving in the Republicans’ direction.


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