Pelosi's Latest Remarks on Economy Show Just How Much Contempt She Has for Americans

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday with host Margaret Brennan. I think it’s safe to say, it didn’t go well.


Brennan started by asking her about the CBS estimates that the Republicans were going to take the House – with 224 seats – in the midterms. “How do you shift the momentum?” Brennan queried. Pelosi couldn’t even deal with that question and immediately deflected.

I think the CBS estimates are conservative, given the momentum we’re seeing. But Pelosi didn’t want to deal with the reality of losing.

Pelosi then gave a take that was just clueless when it comes to inflation. She didn’t want to talk about inflation either: she said flat-out she wanted to change the subject.

“When I hear people talk about inflation, as I heard him there, we have to change that subject,” Pelosi stated. “Inflation is a global phenomenon- phenomenon. The EU, the European Union, the UK, the British, have higher inflation rate than we do here. It’s not- the fight is not about inflation. It’s about the cost of living.”

In other words, how dare you stupid Americans be concerned about inflation? It’s not our fault! “It’s about the cost of living”? Does she get that it is inflation that has driven the cost of living up for all of us?


That’s directly attributable to the overspending of Biden and the Democrats, as House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn admitted the other day, saying, “All of us knew this would be the case when we put in place this recovery program. Anytime you put more money into the economy, prices tend to rise.” Of course, she wants to change that subject — because it’s directly their fault. They don’t care about how much they have hurt us with their actions or doing anything to resolve the problems that got us here.

They can deflect, but this is reality:

Inflation was at 1.4 percent when Joe Biden came in, then he made everything worse, not only with spending but his attack on our energy industry from day one.

They’ve been “changing the subject” and claiming inflation is transitory for a year; that’s why it’s still raging.

Brennan brought up what Clyburn said to Pelosi and asked whether their excessive spending in legislation sparked inflation. Pelosi’s answer was beyond delusional.

Pelosi said she had absolutely no regrets for what she had done–and how much she’s hurt the country. She claimed the spending was “necessary” for people to survive. Then she claimed that when you “reduce unemployment, it’s inflationary.”


Yikes, this is so dumb–makes you ask how did she ever got into office. First, all the Democrats had to do was let people go back to work, and people were already doing that. You didn’t need to spend even more to juice the economy. They were warned; they knew what would result and they did it anyway, as Clyburn admitted.

But no, reducing unemployment isn’t “inflationary.” If that were true, how did President Donald Trump reduce unemployment to its lowest point in 50 years without sparking inflation? He had a great economy, before the pandemic. Pelosi is just tossing anything out there, at this point, to avoid blame for what they did.

Brennan asked if Pelosi thought she would remain in leadership after she, Pelosi, said the Democrats needed “generational change.” Pelosi refused to answer even that.

“I’m not talking about that. I’m here to talk about how we win the election,” Pelosi replied. Then she immediately went into her default mode, “I’m not here to talk about me. I’m here to talk about the future. America’s working families, for the children. It’s always about the children.”


I am so tired of her using that default line about doing it “for the children” — when everything she has done has made things worse for the children. Because of her policies, many children don’t know if they’re going to be able to have enough to eat. But for Pelosi, it’s, let’s “change the subject” from the top issue of concern for Americans. Then they wonder why all the polls say they are going to lose.

If there are two great examples of why Democrats should be voted out of office, it’s Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi–who have driven the country into the ground.


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