WH Shows How Desperate They Are to Influence the Election With Latest Guests

How close is the Biden White House to some of the most radical and wild liberal “influencers/trolls” on Twitter?

Well, if an invitation to the White House says anything, very close. These are the folks who are out spreading the White House’s message on Twitter.


It’s funny that they call themselves “resisters” when they are working hand-in-glove with the people in power. What do they think they are resisting besides common sense and intelligence?

What’s funny about all this is, is that it makes clear that there’s a relationship there between the White House and these folks trying to influence Twitter. But it also may explain why the White House is always wrong about everything if the White House is doing the reverse — judging what public opinion is based on what they hear from these people. The White House may be trying to influence people but the only people they are fooling are themselves if they think any of these people are a true gauge of what the majority of Americans think.

The country is in deep trouble with inflation, the White House is pouring billions into a proxy war in Ukraine, diesel is in crisis, gas is going back up, and the White House is desperate to push off things that are blowing up all around them until after the election. The Democrats know they are in deep trouble, with the momentum all toward the Republicans at this point because they are concentrating on the economy. In the face of all this, this is the White House’s play? To talk to these characters and likely send out the talking points. This shows how desperate the Democrats are.


So is the White House endorsing some of the scummy and divisive things that these people have put out? It sure looks like it.

Intelligent Twitter had a field day calling out the White House and these folks.

Journalist Josh Barro spoke for a lot of people.

Barro also pointed out how the Biden team, because they are lousy at everything they do, apparently didn’t vet all of these people (or maybe they did and didn’t care).

Politico is now pointing out that one of the people invited by the White House was Democratic operative, Scott Dworkin. Dworkin is the executive director of the Democratic Coalition, a progressive super PAC. The Fetterman campaign, less than two weeks ago, called them a “scam PAC” that was “using John’s name and likeness for their own fundraising.”

“These people are only pretending that the money they raise goes to John and our campaign. In reality, they are tricking thousands of donors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars,” McPhillips continued. “Not only is this wrong, it also puts us at a major disadvantage.” [….]

McPhillips’ missive on Twitter was cheered by several progressive operatives who have previously accused the group of soliciting money from impassioned liberals only to spend it on its own operations. To which McPhillips replied: “Fuck around and find out, grifters.”


The White House acknowledged the visit.

A White House spokesperson confirmed Dworkin’s presence, noting in a statement: “More than two dozen managers of prominent social media accounts visited the White House today to highlight this President’s record of accomplishment — ranging from empowering Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices to making historic investments in combatting the climate crisis.”

Left unclear is who Dworkin and his fellow progressives — which included Mueller She Wrote’s Allison Gill, the creators behind anti-Trump group MeidasTouch and Occupy Democrats’ Grant Stern — met with while at the White House.

This isn’t the first time the Biden White House has reached out to influencers. We reported earlier how they invited TikTok influencer, Dylan Mulvaney, who’s a trans activist. The White House previously invited TikTok influencers to try to push their propaganda on gas prices in March.

But if you wonder why Biden is failing, it’s because this is how he’s spending his time, rather than truly solving any of the real issues.


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