Biden's New Name for Republicans - With Some Extra Delusional Takes

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Joe Biden was in delusional overdrive at the White House on Friday. The White House invited some of the nuttiest liberal Twitter trolls to push out the latest propaganda. Then Biden premiered yet another effort to attack and demonize Republicans.


Biden accused the Republicans of trying to “crash the economy” and threw out that old lie about Republicans wanting to kill Social Security and Medicare.

What could the Republicans do to “crash the economy” that Biden hasn’t already done? He’s already crashed it.

Next, that’s a ridiculous deflection from Biden’s own failure. Republicans don’t want to kill Social Security and Medicare, they want to make sure it’s funded instead of not having anything, as it would have under the Democrats. But it’s a lie that the Democrats have been telling for at least twenty years. So at this point, people know it’s nonsense.

But he didn’t leave it there. He now has a new slogan, moving from attacking “MAGA” to “ultra MAGA,” now it’s “MEGA MAGA.”

Is this what the loony influencers told him to say? “Ultra MAGA” didn’t work, so now you’re trying “MEGA MAGA”? MAGA had nothing to do with whatever the Democratic lies are about “trickle-down” so what he says is just nonsensical. At this point, Biden is just throwing words up against the wall and hoping something resonates.


Biden started yelling about Republicans wanting to continue middle-class tax cuts, claiming they wanted to spend $3 trillion.

But wait, is he crazy? Didn’t he just add a boatload to the federal deficit with all his spending?

According to what the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget said in the middle of September Biden would add more than $4.8 trillion to the deficit between the various things he had passed.

Biden claimed that everything that the Republicans would do would make inflation worse.

Biden must be looking in the mirror, since everything he did made it worse, and is still making it worse.

Then Biden continued to be delusional while lying about the economy and gas prices coming down.


Gas prices have been creeping back up and they’re about to explode when the OPEC+ cut goes into effect likely closer to the election.

But then Biden owned himself when he said “Look what I inherited and look at what I have done.”

He inherited an economy that had been the best in 50 years before the pandemic, that was already coming back, and that had low gas prices and a low inflation number before Biden came in. All he had to do was just let people return to work after the pandemic. Instead, he pumped money into the economy with the American Rescue Plan despite the Democrats knowing that it was going to spark inflation. The House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) even admitted that they knew it was going to cause prices to rise but they did it anyway. As I said, the Republicans should play that on a loop in every tight election so Americans know exactly what the Democrats did.


It sounds like Biden is trying to set things up to blame Republicans after the election when we go deeper into recession. He knows it’s going to get worse. But Clyburn blew that strategy by acknowledging the Democrats’ culpability. Americans don’t trust Biden anyway and they know what he did to the economy, so I think that tactic is dead on arrival.


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