Biden Loses It When Asked About Political Nature of Latest SPR Oil Release

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As we reported earlier, the Biden Administration is releasing 15 million more barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Joe Biden made the announcement after he was typically late, yet again, in delivering his remarks, saying they would continue to deplete our Reserve through December.


Oh, so you mean it won’t stop in October — they’re still going to try to artificially suppress the prices by draining our emergency supply until after the election, so it won’t zoom back up until after we’ve voted. Can you be any more obvious about what you are doing?

“We need to responsibly increase American oil production without delaying or deferring our transition to clean energy,” Biden declared.

He then said he wanted to dispel any “myths,” claiming “My administration has not stopped or slowed US oil production.”

If tongues lit up in flames for lying, his tongue would be toast right now. He has attacked the energy industry with numerous measures and regulations since Day One of his time in office, as we have listed here, including canceling the Keystone Pipeline, suspending oil and gas leases on federal lands and waters, as well as canceling oil and gas permits. Not to mention when you know that the industry is under attack, why would you invest or drill more when you don’t even know if the government is going to try to drop regulations on you and cut your legs out from under you? That’s what Biden has done to the industry.


Biden is now depleting the reserve to make up for his horrible policies so that he can save the Democrats from getting thrown out in the midterms. It’s a blatant vote-buying scheme that is not only vile, but it’s also compromising our national security. The Reserve is now at the lowest level it’s been at in forty years; it’s the largest decline ever.

What happens now if there’s a true emergency, not just desperate Democrats trying to save their butts? What are they going to do when they’ve emptied the savings account?

Biden admits the gas prices would be higher if he wasn’t doing this. But he wants thanks for doing it.

“The choices made by other countries are affecting the price of gas here at home,” Biden argued. The choices that Biden has made are affecting the prices here. Make a serious commitment to a sustained plan to support the energy industry and take your foot off their necks — that would solve the problem. But that isn’t on their agenda because he’s committed to ending fossil fuel use.


Then Biden tried to convince us that we’d make money over what he did, claiming that they sold it at a higher price earlier in the year and then would refill it at a lower price.

First, does anyone believe anything he says? He’s cost us money on everything. Plus, the prices are going to go up with the cut in OPEC+ production, not down. Finally, we had the chance to fill it up — cheaply — when President Donald Trump was in office, but the Democrats stopped that. Just one more thing that Trump was better on than Biden.

Finally, a reporter asked him the question: What does he say to Republicans who say he’s doing this for political reasons? (It’s not just Republicans — Americans, in general, know what’s happening here.)

“Where have they been for four months?” Biden replied. “That’s my response.” Yes, you’ve been doing it for six months (not just four, Joe’s bad at math again) to influence the election. Then he lost it, blowing up when he was pressed on it, “No, it’s not! It’s not politically motivated at all!” He said about Republicans, “These guys have been asleep, I don’t know where they’ve been.”


The Republicans haven’t been in charge, Joe, you have, as prices have soared and you’ve been depleting the reserves. The Republicans and other Americans have been calling you out on what you have been doing. Biden thinks if he says it’s not political over and over again, we’ll believe him. But he has no real response. Sorry, Joe, everyone gets why you’re doing it.


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