SCOTUS Makes Decision That Blows up Left's Narrative When It Comes to Thomas and Trump

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

As I wrote on Wednesday, the left was melting down over Justice Clarence Thomas being the one to review the Trump team appeal relative to the alleged “classified” documents that had been seized by the FBI at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home because it’s from the 11th Circuit, over which Thomas has purview.


The DOJ fought turning those documents over to the special master, Judge Raymond Dearie, for review. The Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit decided for the DOJ on the issue and the Trump team asked the Supreme Court to review that decision. They wanted the special master to be able to review all the documents to determine what was private or privileged. But now that means the special master will not get to see the documents. Now he will only be reviewing the non-classified documents.

Trump’s request to the Supreme Court went to Justice Clarence Thomas who is in charge of reviewing such appeals from the 11th Circuit. That was what caused the meltdown from the people on the left because they assumed that meant that Thomas would rule in favor of Trump. But Thomas is always going to rule on the law and the procedure.


But the Court declined to hear it. It did not explain its decision and there are no recorded dissents.

So what will the left do now that their little conspiracy theory about Clarence Thomas just blew up on them? Just a bit awkward for the BlueAnon folks. But I’m fairly certain that won’t shake them out of their bubble. They will likely just think that Thomas doesn’t want to get involved because somehow, finally, the walls are closing in on Trump for the “billion trillion 750 million billionth” time, in Joe Biden’s parlance.


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