Report: German Visa Office Hit by Russian Missile Fire in Ukraine

As we reported earlier, Russia launched missiles and Iranian drones in dozens of areas in Ukraine seemingly in retaliation for an attack on the bridge that linked Russia to Crimea. Ukraine has not said that they were behind the attack. The Russian missile/drone targets included the center of Kyiv, Lviv in the west, Mykolaiv in the south, Dnipro in the east, and Kharkiv in the north.


The targets didn’t appear to be military targets, hitting civilian areas.

The early morning attacks on Kyiv appeared to land in the center of the city, with video and photos showing a crater in a playground in a central park in the city, damage across the street from the opera theater, and the windows of buildings blown out.

But in addition to targeting civilians, some of the missiles hit other areas that involve other countries besides Ukraine.

Russia’s attacks also appeared to cross into Ukraine’s neighboring countries, with Moldova’s minister of foreign affairs, Nicu Popescu, saying that the Russian ambassador was being summoned after three cruise missiles launched from Russian ships in the Black Sea crossed Moldova’s airspace.

“Moldova condemns in strongest possible terms violation of its airspace by three Russian cruise missiles as Russia attacked Ukrainian cities this morning,” Popescu tweeted. “We condemn Russia’s continued aggression against Ukraine.”


Perhaps even more problematic was that one of the missiles hit a German visa office. It was initially reported that the missile hit the German embassy.

The German Foreign Office corrected that it wasn’t the embassy, although it’s still a German office. They condemned the attacks by the Russians as “despicable.”

Now, that doesn’t read like they’re going to interpret that as an “attack” on Germany and therefore a NATO nation. That of course would escalate things much further. But it will likely ratchet things up more.


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