Exciting Movement for GOP in House Races, as Even ABC Admits Biden Is Albatross for Dems

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I’ve been talking about the momentum in the midterm races moving toward the Republicans, both in the Senate and in the House.

We see a pretty exciting House race in Rhode Island, which has a deep-blue seat. The state hasn’t had a Republican in the House of Representatives in almost 30 years. As we noted, Republican Allan Fung is six points up in the latest poll, and he’s likely to win.


Now, Real Clear Politics is declaring his race “lean GOP.” But that’s not all. They also moved eight other House races in the direction of the Republicans. So, nine overall just moved toward the GOP, including a few in some pretty blue states.

Daniel First of the National Republican Campaign Committee touted the movement, particularly the “New England GOP resurgence” with the two great candidates in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

As I wrote the other day, this movement comes on top of the Democratic Congressional Committee running out of money and having to make difficult decisions as to which candidates they will be supporting and which they will be abandoning monetarily. There are just too many races they have to defend now as Republicans surge, and they can’t keep up with the money. One Democratic strategist said it could be the difference in the race–winning or losing– or keeping the Republican win to fewer seats.


The RCP map is looking pretty good right now, with 220 GOP, 180 Democrat, and 35 toss-ups, with a lot of the toss-ups very winnable by Republicans.

Of the Democratic seats that are up in this election, 18 of those seats are leaning/likely Republican, according to RCP. Of the Republican seats that are up, only one is leaning/likely Democrat.

We’ve reported what an anchor Joe Biden is around the neck of Democratic candidates, especially in battleground states, where Biden is generally underwater by double digits. Even ABC News is now acknowledging what an albatross Biden is for the Democrats. They note how, at the beginning of last month, the Democrats were feeling hopeful about their chances. Do they still feel that? Terry Moran says, “Nope. I think the air went out of that balloon.”

“The economic headwinds are so tough, and Biden, he just doesn’t have the oomph as a candidate anymore,” Moran explained. “People don’t really want him around. And he can’t really make his case — I don’t think the Democrats are in any better place.”


Lo and behold, a journalist who tells the truth here! That’s the bottom line here. Let me slightly revise the old, James Carville saying, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Democrats have been trying to do anything to deflect from the economy, and/or blame other people for the problems, but they haven’t tried to change their policies which brought on the problems. That’s the issue–and Americans know it’s all on the Democrats that we all have to pay so much more for everything.


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