Kamala Harris Makes a Major Gaffe While Visiting the DMZ

Joe Biden seems to be getting worse. As we reported, he now is looking for dead people in the audience of his events and his wife is having to lead him off the podium. Even the liberal media isn’t buying the ridiculous deflections that White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is throwing out there for his condition.


But unfortunately, his backup, Kamala Harris has a lot of problems of her own.

Harris was on a trip to the border on Thursday. Not our southern border, of course, but the border between South Korea and North Korea: the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). The trip to the DMZ was the last part of her trip to South Korea. Harris had met with South Korean President Yoon Suk-Yeol to talk about economic and technology partnerships. They also had a “gender equity roundtable.” Because when you have North Korea shooting off ballistic missiles, what you need to concentrate on is gender equity.

Harris then began her trip to the DMZ by stopping at the Camp Bonifas Dining Facility and talking with American service members. She looked through binoculars at the border and then gave a speech at Observation Post Ouellette.

While there, she made a rather significant mistake during her remarks. She spoke about the “strong alliance” that we had there. But she couldn’t get right who that alliance was with — talking about the alliance that was “strong and enduring” with the “Republic of North Korea.” Yes, indeed, that’s what she said, and here’s the video:


This, despite just visiting with the South Korean president. What must South Korea think of the people that we have in charge when they say things like this? But this is consistent with Kamala’s ignorance about our borders. This is not only sad that these are the people that we have representing us on the world stage, but it emboldens our enemies when they see such things. Harris doesn’t even have the excuse of age that Joe Biden has, although Biden said ridiculous things his whole career as well. She also didn’t seem to correct her gaffe. If President Donald Trump had said this, the left would be losing their minds.

From AP:

Harris then visited one of a row of blue buildings that straddle the demarcation line, where an American officer explained how the buildings are still used to conduct negotiations with North Korea. Sometimes they pass messages back and forth and sometimes they use a megaphone, he said.

“That’s high tech,” Harris joked, before adding, “We’ve stepped into history.”

“It’s still going,” the colonel said.

Harris agreed. “The past and present are happening every day.”

Um, that’s sort of the basic nature of life? But maybe that’s big news to Harris.

At least she didn’t talk about the significance of the “passage of time” when offering up that profundity.


North Korea fired off three ballistic missiles while she was in South Korea and Japan —  which White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to downplay saying they were “not unusual.” But then, she doesn’t think Joe Biden talking to dead people is unusual either.


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