Obama 'Ethics' Head and Other Dems Lose Their Minds Over Gesture Made at Trump Rally

I’ve written about Walter Shaub, Barack Obama’s ethics chief, the guy who had in the past called out the conflicts that the Biden team has had over Hunter Biden and his art show.


But Shaub and others on the left were losing their minds over the latest “BlueAnon” hot take after President Donald Trump’s rally in Ohio on Saturday. This time, Shaub was right in the middle, pushing it, claiming that people at the rally, raising their hands was “reminiscent of a Nazi salute.” Many others on the left pushed a similar take.

“It may seem odd they’d adopt a gesture reminiscent of a nazi salute, but they’ll grow more overt about their nature as their grip tightens,” Shaub claimed. “They’ve pulled off the biggest wave of voter suppression in a half-century, control the courts & so far mostly got away with a coup attempt.” That’s pretty darn delusional right there, particularly given it’s the Democrats who control most of the government, not to mention most of the media.


I’ve watched a lot of Trump rallies and I haven’t seen anyone make that gesture before. I think perhaps since the visuals came right after he was talking about unity, “Americans kneel to God and God alone” and America being “one people…one glorious American nation,” perhaps it’s a affirmation of that fact. Trump was talking about everyone being one unified nation — something everyone should be in favor of. Unlike Joe Biden, who attacked millions of Americans as extremists because they believe in making America great again. To compare this gesture at the Trump rally to a Nazi salute and suggest that because they’re raising their fingers they are somehow fascists as Shaub and several others on the left did is just beyond ridiculous. Frankly, it’s shameful and divisive.

But this is where the Democrats and others on the left are at this point. They will twist anything they can to demonize Trump and his supporters. This just shows how desperate they are — and they know that Republicans are likely to win Congress in 2022.


So are Shaub and the rest going to go back and call out these Obama people for raising their hands in these pictures?

How about chastising these Taylor Swift fans?

If we want to start playing those games, we can do things like this, which given Joe Biden’s speech, is a closer comparison.


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