Lori Lightfoot Drops Biden With the Priceless Words We've Been Waiting to Hear About Illegal Aliens

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

We saw the left melting down on Thursday after Texas bused illegal aliens to Kamala Harris’ house in Washington, D.C., and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent 50 illegal aliens up to Martha’s Vineyard where the liberal elite like Barack Obama live and take vacations. They can’t even handle 50 illegal aliens without declaring an emergency, while border towns deal with thousands every day.


Texas began sending illegal aliens to Chicago, a sanctuary city, in August. Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office claimed that they would be welcoming. “As a person of faith, I believe we must see God’s presence in all human beings,” Lightfoot said. “That’s what being a good Christian is.”

The “good Christian” was lying, because once they arrived, Lightfoot rounded them up and then shipped them out to suburbs like Burr Ridge. Lori Lightfoot had blasted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for treating the migrants like “cargo” and not providing her with advance notice they were arriving. But then, she turned around and did the same thing.

Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso, a Republican, told Fox News that the migrants are being used as “political pawns” – Grasso said it’s hypocritical for Lightfoot to be complaining about Abbott sending migrants to Chicago, then turning around and “sending [the migrants] out to the” suburbs.

Now, Mayor Lightfoot — after getting just a few hundred people in Chicago — is saying the magic words: the Biden Administration has to step up and do something about this. She even says this isn’t a new problem at the border. “This is not a new challenge for us. We need federal support. Resources, communication, and collaboration, and that has to come in short order.”


“This is a national problem, it needs a national solution, cities and states cannot be left to fend for ourselves,” she declared.

Bingo! That’s the point here, and she’s finally spelling it out for everyone to hear–that Biden has to take action and that they have to have a plan that deals with this problem. That’s what the border cities have been demanding for two years, until it finally just became too much and they resorted to busing people to sanctuary cities.

Now, with just a few illegal aliens, the Democrats like Lightfoot are throwing a fit. It just shows what a sham the whole “we’re sanctuary cities” is. When push comes to shove, they show what a failure those policies are. But the Biden team has just been lying their heads off, claiming the border is secure and giving incompetent word salads. They’ve bought all this by their failed approach to the border. Now, Biden is going to have to fish or cut bait with his own Democrats screaming — take this seriously or get eaten alive by his own people, right before the midterms.




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