Beschloss Brothers Trainwreck With Repugnant Comments Against Trump

It’s something to see the people who have wrecked themselves over their hatred for President Donald Trump.

Once upon a time, Michael Beschloss used to be a respected presidential historian, he’d post interesting historical tidbits on Twitter. But like some on the left, he suffers from Trump obsession. He’s long since compromised any credibility he had.


As this segment notes, Beschloss compared Joe Biden’s despicable speech demonizing more than 70 million Americans to the speeches of Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And he noted he told Biden that this moment was like 1860 and 1940 and they urged Biden to speak. That’s why we got what we got from Biden.

It’s completely delusional that Beschloss thinks that this was anything like Lincoln’s “House Divided” speech. And let’s remember if he wants to make an FDR comparison, it was FDR who demonized the “threat” from Japanese Americans before locking them up in camps.

Tim Graham of NewsBusters called out the ridiculous nature of Beschloss’ comparing Biden to Lincoln.

Beschloss thought that Biden’s despicable speech was just terrific and saw no problem with him demonizing and calling more than 70 million Americans “extremists” and threats to the foundation of the nation in an unprecedented attack. But then Trump’s response at his rally defending those Americans and criticizing Biden’s remarks against the people for acting like an “enemy of the state” — with which Beschloss had a problem.


Beschloss compared Trump to Stalin. Biden being the one in power and going after 70 million Americans isn’t Stalin to them, but Trump not being in power and defending the 70 million Americans is. It’s hard to take anyone that is this twisted seriously.

But those weren’t the only unhinged Beschloss comments. It must have been a brother tag team match to see who could make the most outrageous Trump-obsessed comment. Michael’s brother, Steven Beschloss, is a writer and journalist who seems to hate Trump too. But according to him, it’s just outrageous that Trump should be able to hold a rally at all.

“The idea that Trump is able to hold a rally is such a nasty slap in the face to anyone who believes in the rule of law,” Steven Beschloss said.

Talk about a troubling comment. Even though Trump hasn’t been convicted of anything and has freedom of speech, this guy thinks it’s a slap in the face to the rule of law that Trump is allowed to speak. It seems like “free speech” is only for the folks that the left wants to be able to speak. So much for the First Amendment and due process. Yet these are the folks who think that Trump is a fascist. This shows again how desperate they are to shut down their political opposition and how much they fear that Democrats will lose.


Biden claimed that our rights are under assault. But it’s from Biden himself and other people on the left.


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