Alan Dershowitz Rips FBI Raid on Trump, Raises Legal Questions About How It Was Conducted

Alan Dershowitz (Credit: Newsmax)

The reaction to the FBI raid — reportedly with a large group of agents — on Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago is setting off a firestorm of reactions.


Dan Bongino blasted it as some “third world bulls**t.” He also said it was a “clarion call” for everyone to get off their seats and vote the Democrats out. Dana Loesch believed it was the Democrats trying to settle “political scores.” Lara and Eric Trump ripped the action and provided more information about what had happened in the raid, including that the FBI didn’t find anything in a safe in the home when they cracked it open.

Reports are suggesting that this raid may be in relation to classified documents that they think should be with the National Archives. But if that’s the case, it’s an insane overreaction rather than just pursuing the documents in a normal manner. The family said they had been cooperating in reviewing documents that the National Archives might want. But to send in agents and just grab documents right and left, even breaking into the safe in the home is just wild and it sounds like a fishing expedition. Is it to try to find other things, with that as an excuse?

Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz is calling it “misconduct.” According to him, in an appearance on Newsmax, such a raid should be the method of last resort, unless they can’t get the documents through subpoenas or any other lawful methods.


“The raid is supposed to be a last resort,” he said. “But this administration has used the weaponization of the justice system against its political enemies. It has arrested people, denied them bail, put them in handcuffs – used all kinds of techniques that are not usually applied to American citizens. I just hope this raid has the justification. If it doesn’t have the justification, the materials seized in it will be suppressed.”

“This is improper, and this is misconduct,” Dershowitz said if they didn’t have any more justification. “We have to find out what the facts are. But we have to make sure the shoe fits on the other foot – that we want to make sure what is being one here is something that Democrats would not oppose if it were being done to Democratic operatives, as well.”

On Fox, Dershowitz took up another issue with the raid, saying that the government would have to show they had reasonable evidence that this information would be destroyed. Additionally, he said, they improperly opened the safe on the premises which they should not have done.


Dershowitz said that, in his opinion, they had “violated the rules of the Justice Department, they’d gone after a former president and a future candidate, and they darn well better have smoking gun proof, which I don’t see happening.”

“Clearly there’s been a double standard,” Dershowitz declared. “You don’t get a warrant unless a subpoena wouldn’t suffice.”

This has been a wild night, but the Biden Justice Department may have just stepped over the line and into a legal hornet’s nest with this action against Trump.



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