Samantha Bee Urges People to 'Raise Hell' Against Justice Samuel Alito

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We’ve seen a lot of the left losing their minds over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade while Democratic lawmakers have done all they could to whip up the anger over the decision.


You even have had the Pima County Democrats and the City of Orlando trashing July 4th because of the abortion decision, acting as though adhering to the Constitution and sending the decision back to the states for the people to vote on is somehow a deprivation of freedoms. Pima Democrats even promoted an event with “F**k the Fourth” in it. Those are just a couple of examples of how twisted Democrats have become when they don’t get their way.

But the alleged “comedian” Samantha Bee took it over the edge and urged people to “raise hell” in the streets, make the lives of conservatives hell, and raise hell in every restaurant Justice Samuel Alito is in ‘for the rest of his life.”

Bee ranted, “It is insane that a Supreme Court that doesn’t represent a majority of Americans will cause women more death and suffering.” (Babies aren’t counted in the death toll.) Then came the call to action, which spurred the #RaiseHell Twitter campaign with the TBS promo.

BEE: I can’t describe how painful it is to be here now in a place where the Supreme Court has the power to erase 50 years of constitutional law. Make no mistake, this is not where it ends. Conservatives will not rest until they have come for all of our rights. Everything we have fought for will be lost unless we take it back. It’s not just about voting in November. It’s about doing everything in our power to protect and help vulnerable people access abortion across state lines. And we have to raise hell in our cities, in Washington, in every restaurant Justice Alito eats at for the rest of his life because if Republicans have made our lives hell, it’s time to return the favor.


That surely sounds like encouraging threats to me.

TBS, which airs her show, doesn’t seem to have any issue with her encouraging harassment and potential violence against conservatives and a Supreme Court justice, even in the wake of an assassination attempt against Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the firebombing of crisis pregnancy centers by radical leftists.

We’ve seen how after Democrats demonized Republicans over healthcare, you got the GOP baseball practice shooting, as well as many other GOP lawmakers harassed. We saw Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) encourage people to get up in the faces of Trump officials and “push back.” Trump officials and GOP lawmakers were then subsequently harassed in restaurants and other locations.

Exactly how do they think screaming, harassing, and threatening people is going to change the law? Indeed, they’ve tried this already, it didn’t change the Supreme Court. Plus, who does she thinks listens to her anyway? You can probably count the number of her viewers on two hands.

But it can encourage crazy people to do crazy things, and that’s the concern here. But they don’t care about the consequences of their actions.



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