'Mostly Peaceful' Abortion Rioters in LA Attack Police, Including With Makeshift 'Flamethrower'

How do we know it’s summer? The Antifa are in bloom again, in Portland and elsewhere in Oregon.

But that wasn’t the only place where radicals have been out in the streets over the past two days.


Here are the “RiseUp4AbortionRights” people blocking the highway in Los Angeles, some waving red flags usually associated with Communism. You see some of the folks wearing RevCom (Revolutionary Communist) shirts. And at least one of the other ‘protesters’ attacks one of the cars with a stick.

Warning for graphic language:

But then, later at another location, Los Angeles rioters were lighting things up — literally.

They surrounded police in Los Angeles and began throwing things at them.

A man was charged with attempted murder after he was accused of shooting a makeshift flamethrower at an LAPD officer, who suffered burns in the attack. You can see it being shot from behind an umbrella in these videos. The “violent extremists” also threw fireworks at the police.


Antifa groups use umbrellas to hide their actions or weapons, so if you see a group with black umbrellas open out front, be prepared for some violence.

Police tried to make an arrest, allegedly of the man with the ‘flamethrower,’ and they were attacked.

Four officers were injured in total after the assault by flamethrower, projectiles, and fireworks.

Other ‘protesters’ were arrested, including a woman who tried to steal an officer’s baton.

But it didn’t go so well for protesters when they tried to take over the freeway again on Saturday. This time the police were ready for them, and they ran like rabbits when the police charged.


The police successfully blocked them out.

The Chief of Police Michael Moore decried the violence, and said that people who engaged in such actions “are not exercising their 1st Amendment rights in protest of the Supreme Court decision, they are acting as criminals.” He promised that “the Department will vigorously pursue prosecution of these individuals.” I’m not sure I quite believe it, although it’s good that he said it. Unfortunately, Los Angeles is the place where prosecutions go to die under George Gascon, so that remains to be seen.


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