CNN Decimates Biden and Dems' Hopes in the Midterms With Devastating Facts

One of the few people at CNN who has been fairly honest about how badly Joe Biden has been doing in the polls with Americans is Harry Enten, their senior data reporter. But what’s interesting is that lately, they are featuring him more and more, which means that CNN is putting out some honesty that is just decimating Biden. If Democrats lose CNN, you know they are in big trouble, and the network seems unafraid about airing negative news on the Dems now.


Enten previously spoke about how bad the numbers were for Biden, particularly on gas prices and inflation. Now, he explains that not only is the American opinion of Biden on inflation “awful” but “how people feel about it is even worse….This is the worst consumer sentiment ever measured by the University of Michigan, since 1952,” he explains.

Enten notes that the second and third-worst consumer sentiment numbers were in 1980 and that cost Jimmy Carter the presidency against Ronald Reagan. A reminder of how that worked out? Reagan beat Carter 489 electoral votes to 49.

He also said the Consumer Price Index is the worst it’s been since 1974, with the yearly increase being “off the charts” at this point at 8.6 percent.

Biden isn’t just hitting Carter numbers now — his numbers are even worse. More people disapprove of Joe Biden now than disapproved of Jimmy Carter in 1978, 71 percent to 66 percent.


Anderson Cooper then asked Enten which party do American voters trust more at this point to deal with inflation? Not a surprise, it’s the Republicans. It’s inflation that’s the number one issue that voters care about, not “gun violence” and not abortion, he explains.

It’s the economy. It’s always the economy, no matter how much Democrats might try to deflect from it because the numbers are so bad for their prospects. Notice what isn’t even on there? Jan. 6 — the Democrats’ obsession. The pollsters probably didn’t even bother to ask about that in that poll, because it isn’t even on the radar of most Americans who are struggling to survive under Bidenflation. That’s why the numbers for the first Jan. 6 Committee hearing tanked.

But the biggest takeaway from all this, Enten explains, is how Republicans are doing on the generic congressional ballot. He looked at it going back to 1938 and it’s “the best Republican position on the generic congressional ballot basically of all time.” In other words, the Republican position is even better than it was in the years there were huge waves in 1994 and 2010, sweeping Republicans in.


You know Democrats are going to throw all kinds of dirt against the wall to try to win. But it’s clear people are tired of the nonsense, tired of the Democrats, tired of Joe Biden, tired of inflation and the tsunami is on the way.



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