Liberal Media Outlet Gets Owned With Their Hot Take on Jan. 6 Coverage

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As we previously noted, Tucker Carlson pointed out how the eight other channels were just running the same raw feed from the Jan. 6 Committee presentation. Meanwhile, he noted, where was the attention to the issues that are currently plaguing the country and on which Biden and the Democrats are failing so miserably. Where is the hearing on those issues?


Now here’s the liberal take on that from “The Recount” — “One of these channels is not like the other.”

Now, it’s a lie from the liberal media that Fox isn’t covering it, they are covering it on Fox Business. But they’re also not going to treat it like it’s “news” (i.e. anything new) unless there is something new. And why would they run it on the main network when its ratings are likely to be lower than the regular shows, especially if it’s just rehashing things that most people have already seen? Fox is likely to have higher ratings than all the other channels combined with what they were running.

This doesn’t show what The Recount hoped it would show. What it shows is the extent of the State media reach and/or their fellow travelers. Yet, they still didn’t have the effect on people’s minds that the Democrats hoped to have. The reactions show that they weren’t grabbing people’s attention or showing anything truly new. So, as with any television production piece that fails to do that, it just wasn’t achieving its purpose.

I think the Republicans should ask if the Democrats are declaring these all as a donation in kind to the Democratic re-election efforts. Of course, it’s a donation that’s not worth very much if it doesn’t make a dint in peoples’ opinions.


Just like the Committee TV production in general, the reactions weren’t quite what The Recount hoped for.

Indeed, they prove Tucker Carlson’s point instead — how totalitarian and creepy is this?

Meanwhile, where was all this attention to the riots in 2020, when the president had to be rushed to a bunker for his safety because of the violence outside the White House? Dozens of law enforcement were injured. The Democrat reaction to that was to laugh and mock the president.

Where were they when the Portland federal courthouse was attacked every day for months and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called the federal agents who tried to defend it “stormtroopers”? Where are those hearings? Where’s the FBI page devoted to those hundreds of riots, hunting down those organized rioters?


Where is even the reaction of the networks to the attempted assassination of a Supreme Court justice this week? I assure you it didn’t get the level of this attention from these networks. It was rather treated like a below-the-fold story.

Why didn’t those things get the attention they deserved, while Jan. 6 is still being focused on by the Democrats?

You and I know the answer to that one.


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