Creepy New Info From Hunter Biden's Laptop Includes Text With Pornhub Link Sent to 'Dad'

Creepy New Info From Hunter Biden's Laptop Includes Text With Pornhub Link Sent to 'Dad'
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The Daily Mail has an exclusive story about Hunter Biden’s Google searches and computer activity over six days in March 2019, before he took his laptop to the computer repair shop and then abandoned it.

While we already knew a lot about Hunter’s predilection for porn as well as filming himself in various acts, these searches and activities are truly disgusting.

The searches included things like “incest fantasies, ’18yrs old’, ‘lonely widow’ porn, ‘MILF crack cocaine porn’, as well as instructions on how to hack a lover’s cell phone and repeated google searches of himself.” He had searches involving teenagers. Many videos on the laptop reflected Biden allegedly having sex with prostitutes or posting to his Pornhub account. He had a paid-for, premium account where he earned several badges for his use of the site and even uploaded his videos. The name used was allegedly “RHEast.” Hunter’s real name is Robert Hunter Biden.

As noted in the story, Hunter also Google searched himself a lot, as well as searching a NY Post article about his sister Ashley Biden and “her history of partying, arrests, and alleged cannabis use while she was a college student in New Orleans.”

His search history includes five visits to adult cam site, and screen recordings he made on his computer show him naked, interacting live with the women on the site.

Hunter’s internet browsing also focused on hacking and spying on phones to catch infidelity.

He looked up a private investigator’s website and searched for questions on crowdsourcing Q&A site Quora including ‘who may hack a cell phone?’, ‘Hire A Professional Hacker’, ‘Catch a Cheater’, ‘How do I track a cheating husband?’, ‘Have you ever hired someone to hack a cheating spouses cell phone?’, and ‘Can my cheating girlfriend cell phone be hacked?’

Hunter searched for questions and answers on the site about ‘spoofing’ cell phone numbers, which involves creating a fake copy of a number to intercept calls and texts, and looked up articles on an Indian hacker called Kashmiri Cheetah.

Files on Hunter’s laptop also show that he may have been spying on his lover Hallie, and accused her of infidelity with a friend of Hunter’s and the Biden family.

He kept spreadsheets full of text messages which appear to be from Hallie’s phone, as well as annotated call logs from her phone in his AT&T bills, on his computer.

If this were just about Hunter, that would be bad enough. But two other things in the story might touch Joe Biden.

Shockingly, Hunter texted a link to a Pornhub page to a phone number he had saved in his contacts book as ‘Dad’ on October 22, 2018.

However, other texts show he and Joe Biden used each other’s phone numbers at various times, so it is unclear whether the president was using that number at the time.

Um, what? Why is he sending a porn link to “Dad”? Why is Joe Biden sharing a phone number with his messed-up son? What does this mean Joe may have been involved in? And was this Hunter sending it or his father? To himself? Or his father sending it to himself? Either way, this raises a lot of questions. We already had to be concerned about their conflated finances, with even Hunter’s business partner being involved in taking care of Joe’s finances. Now, add to that, other things that might be conflated as well. It’s more than a little disgusting to contemplate.

On top of the Daily Mail story, Hunter’s former wife, Kathy Buhle has also dropped a new book about her life with him. In that book, “If We Break,” Buhle said she found out about Hunter Biden’s affair with Hallie Biden (Beau’s widow) after her daughters asked the family’s therapist to tell her.

“I was shocked, but not heartbroken. Heartbreak has already flatted my self-esteem that past year,” she writes. She says her daughters discovered the relationship when searching through texts on Hunter’s phone.

Why were they searching his phone? But imagine that’s the way you find out your dad is cheating on your mom. Yikes.

Can there be a more screwed-up family anywhere?

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