Thanks Joe Biden: the Cost of Our Holiday Meal Is Staggering

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It’s also a day when many are grilling and barbecuing as they get together with friends and family. But if you were buying that meat for your family, you may have noticed something: just how high those prices are now.

Prices for meat rose 0.7% between March and April of this year, the US Department of Agriculture said.

Ground beef and chicken breasts rose by more than 20% per pound, according to the USDA.

Other barbecue staples like hot dogs, cheese, tomato, and lettuce also got more expensive.

The price of frankfurter meat rose by 14.5% while packaged hamburger and hot dog buns were 11.2% more expensive.

Data cited by CNN found that the price of frozen meat rose 15.7% while the cost of frozen sausages increased by 24.4%.

They’re not only crushing you with the meat, but even the condiments to go on the meat, with ketchup going up by 15.8 percent and mustard, 11.2 percent more.


The Daily Mail estimated that could cost your family $76 for just a normal spread bought from Walmart for what most people eat on the holiday, things like hot dogs and hamburgers.

The U.S. saw its largest annual increase in food prices in 41 years between April 2021 and 2022, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting a 9.4 percent surge.

Grocery prices jumped 10.8 percent for the year, not adjusting for seasonal sways.

This is what it’s looking like:

Remember when the Biden team bragged about saving you 16 cents last July 4th? White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki snarkily claimed that if you didn’t like hot dogs, maybe you didn’t care about the cost savings. The reason that they were trying to push that talking point was we were already facing inflation at that point, although they kept trying to deny it. 16 cents didn’t mean that much when so many things were already up, including gas even at that point. It wasn’t long before they were telling us in September, that prices weren’t that bad — if you didn’t count the meat, according to NEC Director Brian Deese.


Perhaps someone like Fox’s Peter Doocy wants to re-visit this question with the White House and tell them what hot dogs, not to mention everything else, are costing us now? That’s a reminder of how long this has been going on and how long they have been blowing smoke at us over it all.

Just like the gas prices going up prompted Joe Biden to claim high gas prices were an “incredible transition” toward his Nirvana of a fossil-free world, are we going to hear how this is all just for our good and a transition to a meat-free world?

Is this their “Let them eat pizza” approach?



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