WATCH: Twitter Exec Gets Big Surprise From Project Veritas' James O'Keefe

Alex Martinez and James O'Keefe (Credit: Project Veritas)

Project Veritas has dropped some great videos on Twitter over the past few days. First, there was the damning video about censorship of the right and the senior Twitter engineer saying that the employees were “Commie as f**k.” Then they released a video on Tuesday where Twitter lead client partner Alex Martinez said Twitter wasn’t there to “give people free speech.” He also made disparaging remarks about Elon Musk having Asperger’s and calling him “special.”


The incident had “Asperger’s” trending on Twitter and Musk took notice of the video.

The kicker came at the end of the video and was especially ironic as Martinez mentions how Project Veritas was trying to talk to Twitter people by going on dates with them — “like this.” He disclosed to the Project Veritas person that Twitter people weren’t supposed to be talking with anyone about internal matters. “You’re lucky that you met me organically cause I would be questioning everything about you,” he said to the Project Veritas person. Little did he know at that moment.

But there was just a little bit more to that story.

This was the priceless moment that Martinez found out and James O’Keefe asked him for formal comment on what he had said to his undercover date. But Martinez wasn’t having any of it, as he sprinted off down the street trying to get away from O’Keefe. Good on O’Keefe for keeping up with him, helping him get in some exercise, and trying to question him at the same time. “I don’t want to talk,” Martinez said. “But you already talked to us,” O’Keefe replied. O’Keefe asked him what he thought Elon Musk was going to do if he found out about the conversation?


It’s an incredibly important story about fighting for a platform that allows for political expression, being met by bias and censorship. Even demonizing Elon Musk simply because he says that he wants to ensure free speech. They need to be put on the coals and answer up for what they are doing.

This is what journalism used to be — asking the good questions and demanding the answers. But a lot of the media has given up on that and become political operatives for the Democrats. But this is also why James O’Keefe has been banned from Twitter — because he isn’t shy about breaking stories like this and that’s not good for the narrative. Hopefully, he’s one of the people brought back when the deal is finalized.


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