Biden's Latest Comment on Race Might Be Right up There as One of the Worst Things He's Ever Said

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File

If we had a contest for the stupidest, worst things that Joe Biden has ever said, we may have a very strong contender with a comment that he made on Friday. And that’s saying a lot, given all the bad and stupid things that he’s said over his decades in politics.


Biden was in Hamilton, Ohio, visiting United Performance Metals, which makes materials used by 3D printing firms. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) were at the event with him.

It didn’t start off well. Biden appeared to get confused and had to ask “where am I heading?”

Then he told the Angelo Negri story for the seventh time. I was one of the first to debunk this story back in May 2021. He’s still lying about it today.

Come on, man! Get it together. Can your people at least get you to stop telling this lie? Not to mention he says he was going to see his mom who was living with him, but was “in hospice.” How is she living with him and in hospice at the same time? As we previously noted, this story makes no sense, because both his mother and Negri were dead by the time he reached the mileage numbers on Amtrak that he has talked about in the past. Trying to figure out what Joe Biden is saying can fry your brain because there’s no logic or sense there.


As Biden continued with the event, he lied about wages going up.

That’s bad but not uncommon for him — he’s constantly lying about the nature of the economy.

He lied about the number of times he’d been to Iraq.

But now, we’re getting to that comment I was talking about.

Francesca Chambers of McClatchy hit on part of it, but she left out something rather important.


Guess what she left out? He was reminiscing about the old days when he used to sit down and have lunch with “real segregationists.” Yes, he did say that.

“Even back in the old days when we had real segregationists — like [James] Eastland and [Strom] Thurmond and all those guys — at least we’d end up eating lunch together. Things have changed, and we’ve got to bring it back.”

Can I say, oh my? Seriously, Democrats? He’s pining for the days he used to sit with his segregationist buddies and on top of that, “we’ve got to bring [those days] back”? Yikes.

He’s said some bad things before, but this has to rank right up there as one of the worst. He said something similar during the campaign that wasn’t even as bad–and guess who called him out on it? Kamala Harris, who was running against him at the time.


The McClatchy reporter later tweeted a full quote with the “segregationists” part, after she got called out for leaving it out.

So, Kamala Harris, what say you now? This is the person to whom you hitched your wagon. He’s a racist old man whose brain has turned to jelly, and he doesn’t even have the sense to know or understand what he’s even saying. This is the person they’re going to throw up there in 2024? He’s imploding all over the place right now.


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