Elon Teases Buying More Companies and Making Them Better

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Following Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, we’re seeing a lot of suspensions being lifted and suddenly conservatives are getting huge jumps in followers, while liberals are losing followers.


Donald Trump, Jr., who gained more than 200,000 followers over two days, after normally gaining about 7,000 a day, speculated on the phenomenon — that they might be trying to clean up a lot of the censorship trail before Musk comes in.

Suspensions also are reportedly being lifted in many cases. So if you’ve been suspended, appeal and see if you get put back. Tucker Carlson — who had been suspended after defending the Babylon Bee, is back. Conservatives including Mark Levin have also come back to the site. While Babylon Bee still seems to be suspended, I expect that to change once Elon fully grabs the reins, since that was one of the things that precipitated his buying of Twitter, to begin with. But in the meantime, they’ve gained 200,000 followers, according to their CEO, Seth Dillon.

It’s been feeling like whatever boot was put on conservatives might now be lifting and the sunshine is flooding in.

Musk stated that he wants Twitter to be “politically neutral” — something that would be a Godsend after the bias toward the left. I think it’s fair to say that the shadowbanning that we have seen is likely to go away as well.

It looks like Musk is having great fun with it all. Now he is teasing buying more American companies to bring them back, too, even joking that he’d buy Coca-Cola and “put the cocaine back in.”


You know that the left will take that seriously and say he’s encouraging the use of drugs.

People began proposing other things he could buy and make better. The creator of Dogecoin asked him if Elon could buy Fox and bring back Firefly. “Some sci-fi that actually features sci-fi would be great,” Musk agreed.

Musk did joke he had some limits, using a photoshop someone did of him saying he would buy McDonald’s and fix all the ice cream machines.

“Listen, I can’t do miracles ok,” he laughed.

But he does already seem to have brought back some immediate positive benefits and hope for fairness again on Twitter. That’s a great thing for us all.


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