Tim Pool Serves Taylor Lorenz Her Just Deserts in a Big Way

Billboard in Times Square aimed at WaPo and Taylor Lorenz (Credit: Tim Pool)

Was the Washington Post ever a respectable news source? Because what this whole Taylor Lorenz doxxing of Libs of TikTok incident seems to indicate is that they no longer have any scruples about what they publish or who they employ when they employ people like Taylor Lorenz.


Lorenz even had the audacity to claim that she doxxed LoTT because she “could have been a foreign actor.” In a hilarious twist, Lorenz — who has gone after so many other people on social media — is now trying to argue that she’s being “silenced by Big Tech” because she says that Truth Social has suspended her account. In addition to the irony, imagine framing “Truth Social” as “Big Tech” when indeed it’s an alternative to the social media controlled almost completely by liberal elites.

But in another example of a karmic reward and Lorenz getting her just reward, podcaster Tim Pool had a great response for Lorenz. He was so ticked off with the way that she lied about not doxxing LoTT, that he decided he wanted to call her on it in a big way. So he bought an ad on a billboard in Times Square and said yes, indeed, she did dox her, despite her claims to the contrary. He also thanked Jeremy Boreing for the “assist.” Boreing is one of the co-founders of the Daily Wire.


Now that’s funny and well-deserved. It also raises the greater question beyond Lorenz and her actions: that it’s not just Lorenz, but it is the WaPo endorsing political attacks like this. That goes beyond simply taking the Democratic side in a story which they frequently do, but now they’re acting like political operatives to take out the opposition. “Hey WaPo,” the billboard said, “Democracy dies in darkness” citing their motto back to them. “That’s why we’re shining a light on you. Taylor Lorenz doxxed @LibsofTikTok.”

Lorenz was not happy.

She even went on to claim that this was somehow inciting violence against her. Imagine the lack of self-awareness from someone who just sicced a ton of leftists, not only on Libs of TikTok but also another woman with the same name in Los Angeles. That woman reported getting death threats because of what Lorenz did. Yes, Lorenz does work for a media outlet (“newsroom” is a stretch now) that appears to be cool with bad faith political attacks.


Pool made it clear that he was calling out the lying about not doxxing LoTT. Then Boreing and LoTT finished her off.

Indeed. But Lorenz doesn’t care about that.


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