New Video Raising More Questions About Vladimir Putin's Health

Mikhail Metzel, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP

Things have not been going well for Russia in its war on Ukraine. On top of their military difficulty, there have been unexplained fires at two oil tank farms and the defense industry.


There were questions raised in the past about the health of Vladimir Putin and what effect that may be having on his decision related to going to war with Ukraine.

But now there is footage from an Orthodox Easter service in Moscow on Sunday that is raising new questions.

In the footage, Putin appears to be constantly moving, biting his lips, and appears off.

He appears next to the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin in Christ the Savior Cathedral.

There were already questions from prior videos including a video last week showing a meeting with his defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, during which Putin is holding onto the table and looks bloated. His right leg and foot are constantly moving throughout the meeting.


There was also this prior video that some have raised questions about, although the video is not clear.

Putin has previously denied questions about Parkinson’s. The Daily Mail observed that dry mouth is a common symptom of the disease, noting the biting of the lips and chewing of the inside of his mouth.

Some even suggested that because the pictures of the service from this year were very similar to those from last year that it was faked.

“Questions have emerged on whether Russian President Vladimir Putin really attended an Orthodox Easter service in Moscow this past weekend after pictures issued by the Kremlin bore a startling resemblance to images from last year. The images, purportedly taken one year apart, appear to show Putin dressed in the same suit and look extremely similar — the only clearly discernible difference being the colour of his tie.”

“But images and video footage of the event have been seized upon by opposition media in Russia and Ukraine, suggesting the new clips were faked from last year’s service on May 2, 2021,” the Mail reported.


However, Getty images has multiple pictures allegedly taken at the service this year and the AP said that they took pictures of him at the event.

The AFP also had footage from the service.

So that seems to do in the conspiracy theorists on the attendance. The questions remain about his health.



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