Here's How Hypocritical the Left's Effort to Fend off Elon's Twitter Grab Truly Is

One of the things that is truly hilarious about the left’s reaction to Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter is who they are now looking to, to be their “saviors” from Musk.


They’re looking to the biggest shareholders like Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, as well as asset managers Vanguard and Blackrock, to block Musk. On Thursday, Vanguard bought more shares. They now have 82.4 million shares or 10.3 percent of Twitter, which tops Musk’s 9.2 percent. So now they are the largest Twitter shareholder. He’s still the biggest individual shareholder.

As we reported earlier, now the private equity group Thoma may also try to make a play to buy Twitter.

But let’s think about all this for a minute. Twitter is already controlled by these investment groups and the rich. So they’re upset that a billionaire is going to buy it? Billionaires already control it. So it isn’t the fact that a rich person might own it — they already do. None of these leftists seem to have had an issue with them owning it before. But now they’re upset that a libertarian pot lover who makes electric cars and believes in free speech wants to take over and guarantee that right for all? Just what exactly are they concerned about? Because it isn’t about him being rich.

Here’s what the left usually says about entities like Blackrock and Vanguard. This is from last month.

Vanguard and Blackrock also are major shareholders in Facebook, as well as a ton of other things.

Let’s recall the basic Democratic mantra when it comes to Saudi Arabia. Weren’t they the horrible dictatorial nation that they claimed President Donald Trump wasn’t hard enough on after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi? But they’re just cool now with the Saudi prince owning 5.2 percent of Twitter and being able to control what we all can say? As I reported previously, Elon put the prince on the spot with a great question about what they own and their views on speech. He got no response, not surprisingly, because there isn’t a lot that the prince can say in response.


So much for the left’s alleged principles against the evil rich. It looks like they’re willing to throw their principles all under the bus if it means helping the powers that be to still control the platform.

But that’s what it comes down to at this point, that’s what it’s truly about — control. The powers that be are concerned about losing a media platform through which they can dictate a lot. They can’t control Elon — he does what he wants. They’re concerned that he would level the playing field, that conservatives wouldn’t be shadowbanned and suspended, that Donald Trump might be welcomed back and people they don’t like might be allowed to question the narrative. That’s the real issue here — they fear true free speech on the platform.


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