Brian Stelter Reaches New Heights of Bootlicking in Defense of Jen Psaki

Brian Stelter Reaches New Heights of Bootlicking in Defense of Jen Psaki
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It’s a false mantra on the left that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is always “decimating” Fox’s Peter Doocy. We see how wrong that is daily in the regular briefings. That lie likely contributed to her getting her purported new job with MSNBC that she’s supposedly leaving the White House for in May.

Psaki was asked about Doocy during an interview with liberal podcast “Pod Save America” on Thursday if “Peter Doocy is a stupid son of a b**ch or does he just play one on tv.” “He works for a network that provides people with questions that, nothing personal to any individual including Peter Doocy, but might make anyone sound like a stupid son of a b**ch,” Psaki responded.

Oh, how nice, what a classless character she is. And she wants to talk about Doocy? How unprofessional was that? She not only falsely attacked Doocy but Fox as well.

As we reported in an update, Fox shut her down saying that Doocy’s questions were his own, he’s an excellent reporter, and they are proud of him. Fox’s John Roberts explained the facts of life and real journalism to Psaki.

But Psaki doesn’t care about journalism; she’s used liberal media throwing her softballs, and she gets annoyed that anyone would dare ask her a real question. Meanwhile, she’s criticizing Doocy while she’s massively violating any ethics she might have left by having a deal with MSNBC and still working for the White House.

As if to prove how she gets a pass from liberal media, guess who came rushing forth to defend Psaki? If you guessed CNN’s Brian Stelter, you would be correct.

Stelter claims that “Fox pushes storylines that are sometimes nonsense. Doocy sometimes does that in the briefing room.” Seriously, Brian? You work for the outlet known for fake news. Fox is the number-one news network, and people trust Fox more than CNN. But you can see how excited he is that it might annoy Fox.

Then he excuses Psaki, “Remember in senior year, spring of your senior year, you’re about to graduate and you’re just tired of all this? I think we’re seeing that from Jen Psaki.” But she’s “relaxing,” Stelter says, and maybe showing how she feels as she heads for the door. “But to be fair, she didn’t criticize him directly.”

She didn’t criticize him directly? She just called him a “son of a b**ch” — but sure, go with that take. He just explained in that quick take why no one takes anything Psaki or Stelter says as truth. What a sophomoric take from Stelter. But I’m not criticizing him directly.

Now, we know that had this happened under President Donald Trump, CNN and Brian Stelter would be losing their minds over it, if Kayleigh McEnany said this. She wouldn’t because she had class. But we know they’d be running it 24/7 as an attack on the First Amendment and our democracy. And they wonder why they no longer have any viewers?

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