BREAKING: Brooklyn Subway Attack Suspect Frank James Now in Custody

As we noted on Tuesday, police had launched a desperate manhunt to find the shooter in the subway attack in Brooklyn, New York, in which 10 people were shot and many others were injured.


The police were looking for a man named Frank James who had rented a U-Haul that they had connected to the attack. Initially, they called James a “person of interest” but then this morning, Mayor Eric Adams announced they were now calling him a “suspect.”

There were also reports the police had concerns about him in the past , but cleared him after questioning in 2019.

Now reports are that he is in custody.

As I reported last night, James had a lot of troubling social media posts and videos related to killing people, racial extremism, even posts seeming to praise Fidel Castro. He seemed a very disturbed individual, so it’s a good thing that he’s been nabbed.


Good on this guy for calling him out:

Talk about a real hero.



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