Kamala Has a Clueless Word Salad That Might Make Your Head Hurt

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

I’m not quite sure how it was that Kamala Harris managed to snag the position she has now. She was kicked to the curb early by the Democrat electorate — but to the elites behind the scenes, making the choices, that meant “make her the number 2 behind Joe Biden.” So, while no one wanted her when she ran for President, here she is, perched a heartbeat away from someone who has enough issues to float a boat.


However, one of the few things that might be holding off some people from screaming “25th Amendment” about Joe Biden is that Kamala Harris as President would be the result.

Now, I go back and forth a bit on it, because however bad she is, at least she isn’t as completely out of her mind as Joe Biden. She’s not talking about meeting long-dead Amtrak conductors and making up stories about how she used to be a truck driver. But that said, Harris may be the only person who can rival Joe Biden for the number of concerning gaffes.

One of the things that Kamala Harris has become known for is her rambling word salads. They start with some kind of thought but then, who the heck knows where they go? Definitely, it’s somewhere off the rails. But every time I hear one of her ramblings, I’m left thinking she just has no idea what she’s talking about.

Kamala Harris was a guest on a radio program, and she was asked about Pell Grants — and her response was just a mess.


“Um, we have definitely extended the — and I, it’s something that I think we need to keep doing, awareness about what we have to do on Pell grants, and I can follow up with you on specifically what we’ve been doing,” Harris said. “I can tell you when I was in the Senate, I was definitely working on the Pell grant issue, because it can’t be what it was when I was at Howard.”

In other words, she has no idea what they are doing, and she just filled in words to sound like she had an answer.

It sounds like she was starting to say that they had extended the student loan payback (which is different from Pell grants), but she managed to stop herself. While the Democrats are cutting off Title 42, as though the COVID pandemic is over, they still extended the pause on federal student loan repayments to August 31, 2022. Rest assured, even if the pandemic were to stop tomorrow, they would then figure out a way to extend it past the election date in November — just to make sure they don’t have more people throw them under the bus in the midterms. This extension also doesn’t match Joe Biden’s claim that somehow he’s responsible for the greatest economy of all time. If that were the case, why can’t people pay back their student loans?


But seriously, guys, can you tell her just to say, “I don’t know” or “I’ll get back to you on that” when she’s clueless? Because while filling in the response with random words isn’t working, maybe honesty might. At least she wouldn’t look so ridiculous, as she trips all over herself.



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