Even CNN Isn't Buying Biden's New Lie About Inflation

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We had a warning that the coming inflationary number was going to be bad from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. That’s why you knew it was going to be bad — and she wasn’t wrong.


The Consumer Price Index (CPI) jumped 7.9 percent for February, year-over-year reaching yet another 40-year-high and a new record for Joe Biden.

In a statement released by the White House, first, Biden bragged about his economy even as it’s crushing Americans. Talk about out of touch. But then, just like with the skyrocketing gas prices, Biden has a new excuse for why there’s such a huge increase in the year-over-year inflation — blame that on Vladimir Putin and the Russian invasion as well.

Biden claimed that American budgets were being stretched because they were “starting to feel the impacts of Putin’s price hike” — the new talking point Democrats are now trying to spread. Biden promised there would be new “costs at home,” that we should all just accept, because Biden promises we are dealing more consequences to the Russians with the sanctions than we will be feeling.

Now, this is just nonsense, since inflation has been on the rise for months. Does Biden believe that Americans have been asleep and missed all the prior months of inflation, already hitting record highs last month before there was an invasion?


But, Biden got a brutal fact-check from CNN, of all places. When even CNN is saying it, you know how bad the lie is. CNN’s chief business correspondent Christine Romans said the numbers were all pre-war numbers.

From Townhall:

“Inflation is accelerating, these are pre-war numbers as well,” CNN’s Chief Business Correspondent Christine Romans noted. “Many people had thought we’d see a peak in inflation in March maybe, well now we have a war in Russia, not captured — war in Ukraine — not captured here.”

CNN’s Romans also emphasized that the month-over-month increase of inflation of 0.8 percent shows “inflation is accelerating,” as opposed to just hitting now due to Putin’s actions. “All these things you basically can’t live without are rising here,” Romans added of the data. “You can see just why so many Americans are so sour on the economy…because they’re paying more for just about everything.”

“And again,” Romans said at the end of her report, “these numbers don’t capture the big disruption in the economy from Putin’s war in Ukraine.”


So, there is still punishment that we’re going to get from the sanctions, and the war is yet to come. So, if you thought Bidenflation was already lots of fun, prepare for the next part, even as they scold us and say “just buy an electric vehicle and you wouldn’t feel all this.”

CNBC’s Rick Santelli just wrecks Biden over this, laying out some of the Biden team’s excuses for inflation.

Bottom line? Biden is the reason we’re in this mess and on top of that, the Biden team insults our intelligence with their lies.



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