Vindman Has a Meltdown at GOP and Marjorie Taylor Greene Over Russia

Vindman Has a Meltdown at GOP and Marjorie Taylor Greene Over Russia
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The situation with Russia invading Ukraine seems to have caused the “expert” Alexander Vindman to melt down. We reported how he tried to blame President Donald Trump and then he even blamed Fox for Vladimir Putin invading. If that weren’t unhinged enough, now he’s completely gone over the slide.

Now Vindman is blaming the Republican Party in general and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) specifically for the invasion.

Exactly how are Greene and the Republicans supposed to be responsible for Putin invading on Joe Biden’s watch?

Let’s review — not that Vindman cares about facts.

Virtually everything Joe Biden has done since he came into office has been helpful to the cause of Vladimir Putin. Biden waived sanctions on Nord Stream 2, basically leading it to be completed, something the U.S. had fought for years because they knew the completion would hurt Ukraine, help Russia and give it a hold over the EU with their energy needs. President Donald Trump had sanctions there to stop that and he had warned of the danger of just such a hold, telling Germany they needed to cut the cord.

Then Biden also cut our own energy production ability. Even as recently as last week he was still making harmful decisions in that regard.

Just last week, his administration put new restrictions on building liquefied-natural-gas terminals in the United States, which are needed to liquefy our abundant (and clean) natural gas and place it in tankers to be shipped to Europe and the rest of the world. The cancellation of oil and gas pipelines, such as the Keystone XL, and gas-drilling permits in Alaska, Texas and other oil-rich states have also lowered our domestic production.

Compare the peak oil-production months under President Donald Trump’s energy-independence policies to the latest production numbers under Biden: The Energy Information Administration’s data show that the United States is producing roughly 1.2 million fewer barrels oil per day.

Not increasing our production not only hurts us but it helps Russia, one of the reasons that you have Russia allegedly backing some environmentalist actions, as we reported.

Then, as Russia perched thousands of troops on the border, the GOP, led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) pushed to impose sanctions that, at that point, might have influenced Russia. He moved to reimpose sanctions on Nord Stream 2. Not only did Biden personally fight against it, the Democrats even used the filibuster rule to prevent it from being passed, despite the fact they had been attacking the filibuster, falsely calling it “Jim Crow.”

Then Biden signaled to Putin that a “minor incursion” might not precipitate a full response from the U.S. in terms of action. He also took troops completely off the table. It was after that we then saw more movement by Putin.

But the administration even then — even with Biden himself then claiming an attack was coming — refused to put any sanctions on Putin or Russia before the invasion, even though Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was pleading for it, saying what good would it be after the invasion?

Democrats have control of the White House and Congress. Yet Vindman would still like to try to blame Republicans for Putin attacking on Biden’s watch. There’s a reason Putin attacked on Biden’s watch, just like there was a reason Putin did while Barack Obama was in office.

So no, Vindman, Republicans didn’t stop Biden’s “efforts to signal punishing costs” — Biden fought Republican and Ukrainian efforts to impose sanctions before the invasion, right down the line. It’s troubling that you had someone like this in any national security position. But it’s not just Vindman pushing this kind of unhinged talk; it’s all over liberal Twitter, trying to somehow blame Republicans for what happens under Biden.

But Americans understand the truth, which is why, as I reported, a recent poll showed Americans believe the invasion wouldn’t have happened under Trump and they think Putin moved because he believed Biden was weak.

So yes, Americans will remember how we got here and they’re laying blame on Biden for it. If Vindman had any self-awareness at all, maybe he would look at himself and the Democrats for their roles in leading us to have such a weak and ineffective person in the office. It’s not only grievously harmed us, but it’s harming the world.

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