Alexander Vindman Cranks up the Crazy in Latest Ukraine Remarks

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During the ridiculous effort to nail President Donald Trump with an impeachment (what was it, the 4,506th time they tried to take him out?), we were treated to the “wisdom” of Alexander Vindman, the so-called “expert” on Ukraine. The Democrats put him out there as though he were someone to take seriously. But he’s seemed to go out of his way to prove them wrong.


As we reported last week, he tried to blame Trump for Putin’s invasion, seeming to forget who’s in office now.

Vindman’s latest effort puts paid once again to his “expert” status. It also makes one wonder how deep this ignorance is in the official class and how this is the type of people who are holding any kind of power in our government.

“Hey @FoxNews instead of distraction and shifting the conversation to China (strategically irrelevant in this Russia crisis), why don’t you undo the damage you caused with your complicity with Putin and support Ukraine?” Vindman whined. “Or is Trump not letting you?”

Now, either this guy is the most ignorant “expert” on the face of the planet. Or he’s trying to deceive people with this take, to deflect away from the Biden contact with China on this issue. But either way, he’s just not a serious person. At this point, even people who didn’t pretend to be experts before Congressional committees know that China has been very strategically relevant in this for a variety of reasons.


China has been aligned with Russia so this is just ignorant. They’re so “strategically irrelevant” that they had the power, according to an intel report, to ask them to hold off the attack until after the Olympics in China. So they knew the attack was coming. But how ignorant was Joe Biden? Biden shared intel with China about the potential invasion and begged China to tell them not to invade. What did China do? Reportedly, they told Russia the U.S. had the intel. This is probably what Vindman wants to deflect away from because it looks so bad for Biden.

China is also not condemning Russia for its actions and looking to see how the world deals with all this because of its designs on Taiwan. So what happens there and how the world deals with it is incredibly important not just for Ukraine and Europe, but also Taiwan. Taiwan was vastly helped by Ukraine’s steadfast resistance. Now that has to give China some pause.

“They have done the calculus as to what this would ‘cost them’ if they were to move against Taiwan. And they are getting more data points now looking at what the West is doing now vis-à-vis Russia,” said Heino Klinck, the former deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia during the Trump administration.

“It will inform and potentially shape Chinese decision-making,” he continued in reference to the U.S. response in Eastern Europe. “Any sign of weakness…will be taken into account by the Chinese.”


Whoops, an actual expert.

China also ran a bit on their CCTV saying the future of Ukraine was the future of Taiwan.

But what Vindman doesn’t get is it’s the anti-Trumpers like him who have a lot to answer for regarding this issue because Putin didn’t dare attack Ukraine under Trump. He waited for the weak Biden, just as he attacked under Obama-Biden before in 2014. Putting that weakness in office helped lead to Putin’s decision. Vindman ought to think about that and reflect on what he did. But he won’t.


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