'Activists' Crash Press Conference After Seattle Police Shoot Man Who Rammed Fed Building

AP Photo/Aron Ranen

There was an incident in Seattle on Saturday night that you’d think would have gotten more national attention.

An armed man with a rifle crashed his vehicle into a downtown federal building. The police responded to a call that shots had been fired. When they arrived, the man was still armed, and multiple members of the police ended up shooting the man, killing him.


Warning for graphic language:

From The Hill:

Olga Sagan, the owner of a bakery, told the newspaper that she closed her shop due to the recent crime, saying she has called police about the incidents and no one responded to help her.

“How many shootings do we need to have to realize this is an active emergency in downtown Seattle?” Sagan asked. “The streets of downtown have been abandoned by government,” she said, “and handed over to criminal activity.”

Unfortunately for the citizens and the business owners, the Democratic leadership has long since given over the city to the criminals and the radical leftists.


So, that raises the question to me: why was this guy ramming a federal building, then firing a rifle?

KOMO’s Jonathon Choe reported that “activists” disrupted the Seattle Police’s press conference on the shooting, and hassled the security that they had on the scene.

The person who was killed in the shooting hasn’t been identified yet, as far as I can tell, which seems a bit delayed. So, that makes me all the more curious if the person who was shot by the police was a radical leftist, or if there’s a reason they’re holding the name back. We saw leftist activists disrupt a press conference and have a meltdown in Portland in February, after a shooting involving some of their members.

In addition to noting the disruption at the press conference, Choe also explained that he has personally been harassed, threatened, and attacked by ‘activists’ over the past months. He said he was even called a “white nationalist” (he’s Asian) by someone who used an anarchist symbol in his name, whom Choe said has been harassing him since last year.


Choe’s thread explaining a lot of interaction is illuminating and long, and also shows how he was attacked while trying to cover their vandalism of Whole Foods, so I’m linking it here.

So, here’s a question: where’s the federal action investigating the radical leftists in Seattle, Portland, and elsewhere who have been involved in actions attacking federal property for the past two years? We already know that the local action goes nowhere because the Democratic politicians aren’t interested in dealing with leftist actions. We see a lot of action over a non-continuing, three-hour riot. But none over a continuing, organized effort against local and federal governments.


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